Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Barry Hotter!!!

Currently I'm still reading Hary Potter : Order Of The Phoenix... owh... I'm only half way now but I feel like I've read so much! aiyyo... that book is sooooo thick laa! ish! but I agree dat the book is sooo interesting and can't wait to watch the movie la! oh oh oh...

UiTM is gonna start in les than 3 weeks time... Aiyyo.. sooooo fast aa?? hurmm... benci benci!!! I'll start busying my mind thinking of assignments, boring lectures and lecturers (:p), new friends (maybe and hopefully), new subjects arghhh!!! Tension!!!

Syukri wit his kambing face trying his new Giordano sweater

Spent another shopping session with Syukri, Kari, and Joe kelmarin (kot), we went to Bukit Raja and surprisingly I didn't buy anything! hahaha..... Syukri bought a new sweater and I can't find anything which interests me.... hurmm.. smue benda bosan! cheywah and some of the shops weren't starting their sales yet... hurmm weirdo~ haha

dat same night, something happened which I think, hopefully I wont rofget for the rest of my life being a Cili Merah's loyal customer. A chair had been broken down by a friend (I think I should not tell u guys his name or he will knock my face down wit his powerful fist) hehehe.... but... lawak laaaa... hihii.... sorry friend :) dont get angry wit this post ey~ :p wekk wekk wekk

Have u ever seen a chair wit 3 legs!?? hehe... :p

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