Friday, June 29, 2007

Autobots~ Roll Out~!!!!

Transformers was soooooo cooL~ huhu... that's all what can I say about the movie... eventhough with lesser robots.. haha... except for the ending part of the movie... transformers is full with funny scenes~ adoi.... tgklah kalau tak percaye ey~ HAHA....

The heroes... Megan Fox and Shia LaBeouf

The cars~

Haha.. Papa seemed to be a bit different yesterday.... usually, he will shout and yell everytime there is a "gempak" punye scene laa kat movies.. tapi.. yesterday.. die diam aje... munkin die terpegun sgt ngan kehalusan seni reka robot2 tu kot.. Haha.. bravo Papa!!!



Optimus Prime

Hehe.... from the way the movie ended... we know that there will be a sequal to this first Transformers movie.. so.... watch out guys!~!!! Outobots~ Roll Out~ Nyet nyet nyonyonyoT~!!

Arcade as usual~ wehheeeee

Papa.. newest membe in the team~

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