Monday, June 25, 2007


Hmm... stop it laa.. I hate to read any news about departing Thierry Henry to Barcelona from Arsenal.. hurmm.. the past had been the worst ever lah I think this month... felt sooooo dissapointed laa.. hehe... so.. no more Henry wearing white and red stripes for Arsenal anymore... adios.... and I dont know what will happen to Arsenal after this...

I really want to support Arsenal eventhough without Thierry Henry... but... with the club's condition is not sooooo stable at the moment.... I'm totally clueles... thank god Arsene Wenger is staying with Arsenal for another one more season.... With he's still in the team.. some other key players might stay wit him... really hope that Arsenal sign some new faces.... experienced players.. sangat sangat!! arghhhh... please god help me!! I dunt want to support Schalke 04 like what I tell the others.. hmm.... amin~

So what we did today? :)

I think I just write a simple notes laa.. since I'm not dat "in da mood" sangat laa.. berkabung lagi nieh~

-Lunch kat Tarbush Ampang Point

Menu menu~

Joe dan makanan~

Mari doa gune handset!

Oops jangan amik time aku nganga! pantang!

Nasi beriyani yg sedap.. Ice Lemon Tea yg masam!

Kering pinggan Kari... die pon penat!

Menu Menu

-Pegi Maybank Joe anta Resume

Ade accident... lori terbalik and melibatkan kematian... we saw the dead body was about to be covered wit da black plastic

Menara Maybank KL

Joe ngan pak guard~

-Pegi Berjaya Time Square

Taxi ni stylo.. Jem punye pasal die jalan ikot divider

-Main Game

kari memang tak dapat dipisahkan ngan senapang!

Kari main game kapal terbang yg stylo~

Racing~ huhuhu


-Beli Ticket Transformers

Si tua gersang yg gatal! ngan gamba pon jadi!

Lorh... gile! Lord Joeldermort!

Sneed, Sikerit, Notas, etc.. haha

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