Monday, June 04, 2007

Day 007 Istanbul Trip :) '07

I really miss Malaysia...! serious ly!! arghh weee.... The food, Cili Merah, Tuition class, my students, My friends (Really feeling buntu without u guys), PS2, piano, etc!! arghhh..

Mr Serif's Friend's shop..

Mr Tea Man at the Grand Bazaar

Yesterday, we just had a sempoi walk laa.... The Grand Bazaar, Spice Bazaar and back to the hotel by train. We bought Turkish Delights, Tea and souvenirs for the Malaysian! hahaha.. sorry ye kalau tahun ni tak banyak barang dapat.... duit limited and barang mahal.. :p nak summer lah katekan....

Yeni Camii (Masjid Baru) near the Spice Bazaar

Mr Ucuzcular in Spice Bazaar

Turkish shoppers have this one habis. They will sell u things wit crazy lowest price each Saturday evening. Since they are closed on Sunday. So yesterday, at this one shop. I think if u guys watch Travel channel (Betul ke), he always appears on that show... his name is Fetteh.

Mr Lukis Bulat2

So... what happened at Mr Fetteh's shop...?? There was dis dagger.... I bought one for my dad last year... from the same shop. The dagger is sooo beautiful, hand crafted and stainless steel. So.. I asked the price.... he said "USD120! but for u sir... I give u USD100"... haha... we kept bargaining until the price became USD35! Abah said "take it!" hahahaha... last year... same situation... from USD120 also... but we bought it at USD25. haha.. crazy aa them??

Mr Fetteh... recognise him from anywhere??

Mak bought some other stuffs too..... from Fetteh's shop.... after some crazy bargaining sssions. hehhe

A Shop in The Spice Bazaar

Istanbul..... 3 more days to go..... still trying to find something but can't find it.. cheywah..... nak cube buat sumthing yg akan rase sedih gile bile nak tinggalkan Istanbul ni nanti... coz .... skrg ni nak balik sangat dah! hahahahaah....

Syukri tried his first baklava yesterday. dan die rase sangat manis! hahaha.. kesian... :p

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