Thursday, April 24, 2008

EXAM Fever~

Suasane STUDY

Exam week has started u guys! And I admit that it is sooooooooooo STRESSED OUT being in an examination week! I got the opportunity to update my blog after finishing my fourth paper this morning (BGM451 German Language 2) and I feel a little relax now. I've taken the 2 killer papers yesterday and on Monday, and next paper is Mathematics on Saturday! (Baru lepas study mats nie.... hmm... 3 bab lagi to go!). Eventhough study week is soooo BORING~, somehow, studying in a group of interesting people makes it entertaining!
Picture : (Right) Fad is tutoring Azalea, Ham and Ayun (Or maybe the other way around)
The study group consist of 7 people (Sometimes berubah ubah tapi yg tetap ade 7) which are Me, Fad, Azalea, Kak Najiha, Hamroud, Ayun and Siti. And everybody is with their own and unique personality. There are 2 sides among the 7 of us. Okey the first one which I'm gonna highlight is the most EVILish group of people! The PEES! they were known as Persatuan Evil Evil Sedunia before they changed the name to Persatuan Evil Evil Stylo! (Poyo gile I prefer The Sedunia rather that Stylo) Their members are Fad and Leia. Hmmm..... they are a bunch of people who likes to bully and teasing other people to the limit! Ish ish ish.... Soo many people has become the victims of their cruelness!
Picture : (Above) PEES Logo

The PEES.. hurm!
Member of PBBC!! Wheeee kami comeL` HAHA

One of the victims is Kak Najiha.. kesian die~ and that makes me wanna join forces with her fighting against the evil PEES! hahaha. So we are known as PBBC! The undeniably Persatuan Budak Budak Comel! We dont have that many evil ideas but we keep on maintaining our cuteness status and ignoring all the tomahan from the pEES!! that's the only thing that we are best at doing~ AHAHAHA ;p So..... PEES.. better watch out! Eventhough u guys are always kenakan orang lain, U guys aren't winning ok!! hehehe ;p It doesn't mean we're losing when we're quiet! HAHAHA.... and so far we are even at this moment. PBBC 1 - 1 PEES. ;p
Picture : (Right) PBBC Logo

The other study group members are Siti, Ayun and Hamroud. The three of them are not a member of either these 2 groups. (Some talking told me they have their own group and not yet being commercialized~ I wonder~ hmmm....)But these 3 people are the most "Kaki Study" people! When they are studying, dont ever think of disturbing them. But if u feel like u wanna get a spank or an argument (Big one laa I'm talkin' about), just try laa... HAHAHAHA. But I envy the way they study! Soooo focus! 100%! huhuhuhu.... (tgk muke dorang yg sirius akan menakutkan!) That's why I'm studying with these bunch of people! They can create a verrrrryyy "STUDYING" environmental which I can't find it in my house! huhuhu
Picture : (Above) Me and Siti

The famous 3! Me, Hamroud and Ayun.

We have a lot in common.. and one of it is we are good actors!! Boleh berbaik baik di kala makan ais krim! PBBC and PEES~ yeay! haha

So, I think that's it for now.... owh yaa before I forgot, I've uploaded some new videos in Youtube... Enjoy ey~ :

AB - Berdua Lebih Baik (Acha Sepritasa)
AB - Layar Impian (ELLA)
AB - Cinta Dalam Hati (Ungu)

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