Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Bye bye France

July 10th.. Monday... still berkabung.... terngiang2 lagi kat telinga kejadian smalam... "kekalahan France" ... we watched the match at The Grand Blue Wave hotel Shah Alam... 10 of us... Me, Kerol, Papa, Ali, Apis, Shaff, Tengku, Hazeeq, Jibam and Haq..... earlier that night, we had a futsal match at section 15.. so no wonder evrybody was hungry by the time we reached Grand Blue Wave... whoaa.. so many food!!! and we can eat as many as we want for only RM23!!!!! huhu.. ape lagi.. makanlah macam macam yg ade.... spaghetti, nasi, mee hun, kek, kuih2... aaaaaaaaaaaaaa sukenyE!!!!!

The match started and the match ended.... oaaa... so sad.... zidane!!! zidane!!! zidane!!! why!!? why!? why!!??


see?? what did he think he was doing??? but.. I Hate that materrazi!!!! urgh!!! but it's okay... France played better that night even wit 10 men!!! they still managed to control the game until the final whistle before penalty shoot out!!! owh I really hate Penalty Shoot out!!!! ayark... tak fair!!!! stupid David Trezeguet!!!! tak score penalty!!! arghhhhhhhh!! tension tension tension..... The happiest person in Blue Wave that night was Kerol.... I saw him dancing in front of the projector... aiyoyoyoyo.. happynye lah......

hurmm.... ape ape pon... banggelah.. coz the next day I found out that Zinedine Zidane was awarded FIFA Golden Ball winner for the 2006 World Cup!!!! Hahahahahaha..... satu pilihan yg tepat since takde player lain lagi yg layak menerimenye.... tgk tu.. aksi tambahan Zidane buat... yg memenang kan die!!! Hahahahaha

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chakry said...

lol! takpe2, tunggu 4 tahun lagi:P