Friday, March 28, 2008

Alahai~ KeroL~

The more experienced person is givin' out some tips to the new rookie Kerol! hahahahaha (;p)

I felt sooo tired yesterday.. we had a lab on Highway Engineering. We were doing aggregate abrasion test kot something like dat laaa... I had to wear the mask and goggles in order to prevent the Dust from entering my beautiful, handsome face! HAHAHAHAHA..... I got out of the class early to continue my duty... I have to find the lecturers and invite them to the coming MPG (Malam Pra Graduan) this Sunday.

Talking about MPG, hmm I still dont have any ideas what to wear for that night! hmm.. GLITTER n GLAMOR is the theme. What shud i wear ni? ayark.. somebody help me! huuhhu

U all still remember about my friends yg kene operate kaki tu?? ade 2.. one is Hafiz and the other one is Satyiaa... and now... the 3rd installment of the series is Kerol! Kerol is the newest member to got his leg operated! I'm starting to develop the fear to play football dah lately. Sooooo afraid that I might be one of them. Joining the team! Anyways.... good luck to u Kerol! rest wisely okey!? We'll pray for ur healthiness!

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