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MPG 2008 (March 30th)

The Grand Ball Room

At last... after all hard works, 7 days and 7 nights without sufficient sleeping time, Malam Pra Graduan (MPG) 2008 has finally ended last night. The night which saw happiness among the part 08 students who are going to finish their study by the end of this semester. Eventhough I'm not one of the celebrated student, I can still feel the excitement being there as an FKA student. It's still a long journey ahead to be in the same level as they all are now. I still have another 2 more semesters excluding the one which I'm in now. But, its okey! Study sampai mati rite!? hehehe...

The dinner was flowing according to the plan. Come on laa... we kept on rehearsing, planning for improvements, etc. There are about 40 committee members involved in the whole MPG programme and I'm not gonna waste my time and list out one by one their names ok!? hahaha.. but one thing for sure... I'm quite busy wit my works laaaa.. yg di berikan oleh kak Wana yg garang tu! hahaha.. (shhh...). I was the Communication AJK (AJK perhubungan) and as an usher last night.

Picture : (Above) Sira is doing his blurry posing inside the ballroom.

Makan time!

We started arriving at The Grand Blue Wave Hotel Shah Alam around 2 p.m where we were served our Lunch! I'm thankful to God for dat meal since my stomach was still empty during that time after teaching 2 LK classes in Bukit Jelutong! It was soooo tiring dat day since I've to give the modules that I've photostated to the students. So, at Blue Wave, we ate and ate like crazy! hehe.. Bapak seems to be a kind of man who loves eating sooo much! HAHAHAHA sorry bapak.. aku saje nak cari point nak masukkan name kau kat blog nie! wiekeiekeiekeike.... the food was qiute good laaaa... and I dunno laa wether it was really dat good or we ate it because we were too hungry kan? huk huk huk. After eating, we had to prepare for the preparation, sound check, and finally the rehearsal.

Imran and the gang arrived around 3 p.m kot to perform their sound test. They were performing dat night and tell u da truth.. I kinda like some of the songs that they performed last night laa.... stylo gile! hehe..felt like playin' wit dem laaa last night.. but apekan daya.... saye ni AJK aje... but for your information, I've performed on The Blue Wave stage before.. once... during our school Prom Night. =) wheeeee and I'll never forget that one beautiful moment, 6 years ago. still fresh lah kirenye nie.. wakakaka. There was also a group of dancers practising which I think are people from PERKA. I noticed Fud and Lana were among the dancers. Nice performance u got there dat day! huhu tahniah! chaiyok2! ;p

Picture: (Above, left) Bapak is eating happily.
Picture: (Above, right) From right Lana and then Fud from PERKA

Ajk Pendaftaran (Left to right : Dot, Dayah (bawah), Wahidah, Dayang (Bawah), and me)

Okey, the Majlis' Night finally menjelang tiba! I was among the first AJK to reach the Grand Ballroom. Took some pictures wit da fellow AJK Pendaftaran. Klick klick!! Had a quick glance in the Ballroom. The Ballroom is really beautiful last night. I waited for about 15 minutes before another usher came in. Kak Dayah from part 07 was among the ushers scheduled to wait for the guests in the Lobby. So we both went and waited at the Lobby, seeing faces, greeting people, shaking hands, teasing another Usher, bla bla bla. I was quite amazed by some of the students' unique attire!! There was this one guy wit his Scottish Skirt and wearing a vest! Man Lok wit his Mafia Look dress complete with hat!, another guy is wit his Afro (I'm talkin' about crazy afro here) hair, some girls who was soooooo beautifully prepared, etc.
Picture: From left to right Apai (MPP), Aji, Heiri, Bapak, AB

While we were waiting, I saw Prof Madya Mohd Ali b Jelani came in wit his Blue Batik. Owh he was sooo happy by the time he reached the main entrance. He was the first lecturer to be there and he never fails any of our invitation before! hehehe.... so... Thanx Ir Ali! Some other VIP faces include Puan Zuhaida, Prof Radhwan, Puan Zuhaida, Encik Asyaari, Dr Nasir Husin, Dr Azmi Ibrahim, some faculty staffs, etc. Dr Nasir came in late and at that time Ir Ali was giving his speech. Hoho boleylah plak Ir Ali panggil Dr Nasir tuk sambung speech die plak! HAHA. lawak lawak... ;p
Picture: (Right) Me wit Fidzah
Picture: (Left) Me wit LALA

Other VIPs include Abang Izad, our senior back in 2006 I think. He was the head President of Persatuan Kejuruteraan Awam (PERKA) at that time. He came along wit his partner. Besides Abg Izad, our MPP Shafaizuddin (Apai) was also present. Some of Lab Technician in our faculty also spent time together wit us in the programme.Other lecturers include Puan Siti Nurbaya Ab Karim and Mr Radhwan.

The Programme flowed wit some performances by Imran's accoustic band. They played it marvelously! I really like the UMBRELLA song and this one song by Malay or Indon Band I dont know. But totally awesome lah! great job guys! hope to see u performing again soon! They were the only performers that we managed to get and no wonder there were 4 slots of performance just for them!!! hahaha...

Wak Jeng and Syafiq
's slot came in later. They were hosting 2 games and each game involved the part 08 students. Those 2 games are verrrryyy funny! Thought I'll get the video from Sira and post it here. The first game was the Cat walk game and the second one, Love scene.

Cakap phone pon kene snap!

And the final part of the programme was the Photography session. This is the part I was waiting for since the beginning of the ceremony! huhuhu... I took pictures and pictures and pictures unnnnnntil my camera ran out of battery! hahaha.. and after that I'd to borrow camera from others. So.. to anybody who is reading this and have pictures of me in their camera! feel free to sms/msg/ym/pm me ok!!!! jasa baik anda amatlah dikenang! hehehe....

I really enjoyed the final session last night. The photography session really tighten the bond between AJKs! some of them I didn't know before, but now we're friend! bukan main! especially girls laaa kot. Huhu AB ni ade kelemahan sket buat kawan lelaki kot..... ;p no comment! Hehe.. whatever yg I wanna say is dat... I feel very happy working wit u guys the AJKs!!! hoping to work a lot wit u guys in the future! huhuhu..... owh we were happy until we forgot that we got classes to attend tomorrow morning! wahahahaha... but it's normal laa for Engineering student to go back home late and wake up early in the morning every weekdays! hehehe

Additional Pictures :

Picture Top left corner : With TED (PERKA President)
Picture Top right Corner : Kanak2 Riang
Picturr Lower Left : Man Lok
Picture Lower left corner : Man Lok and Da GangPicture Bottom right : The felow MCs!

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