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Okey guys!! haha.. I'm becoming much more a BLOGGER aa lately~? hey hey... 3 posts within the past 3 days! quite an achievement! hmmm... well actually, stresses started to rise within myself lately that I need sumthing to calm me down. Cooling off period lah kirenye. So, I guess I need to write!

Owh I forgot to tell u guys that I'm one of the MENTORs laaaa in this one programme called PROGRAM KACA & PERMATA organized by the "SEKRETERIAT MAJLIS PERWAKILAN PELAJAR" Faculty of Civil Engineering which was launched earlier this semester. And as the Examination is just around the corner.... I was asked to tell my respective Mentees, How or What are my studying style... hehe.. It has been an honour to tell u guys a story about my studying characteristics! (cheywah macam soil characteristics lah plak!)

Tips No.1 :
Avoid studying during the afternoon.

From what I've discovered, (for me laaaa) it is hard for me to input a lot of knowledge from 12 pm until 800 pm. And that's y u can see me loitering around the faculty, teasing people, playin' wit da people, bla bla bla. During this time, our brain might be in a very HOT condition laa I think.He (Ze Brain)is like ourself laa... He needs some time for break... after a full morning works! dont u think so?? And this affects the workability or our brain. Try for example jogging. U will hardly see people jogging during the afternoon rite? and if u ask them, "weh.. nape kau tak jogging pukoi 12 tgh hari??" and they will spontaniously answer "kau gile!! tgh hari buta! malas aku nak berjogging!" haaa... see? then I started to make some similarities between Jogging and Studying. It is exhausting to do something important during the Sunny day.... owh but.. maybe if it's raining during the afternon... U all might go to study laa! kan? hahaha.. just jokin' je laaa..... ;p (I strongly emphasizin' u guys... dont follow 100% whatever I wrote ok!? this is just what I do.. feel free to follow! Ahaks)

Tips no.2 :
Avoid writing ur notes using a Black Ink pen.

Hey... it might sound crazy rite?? but.. hmm.. I dunno... maybe my brain can't accept anything which is Black in colour or I dunno, maybe everyone might think the same. So the best solution is, just try laa.. avoid using Black ink pen! this is for those who thinks dat "Hek eleh... suka hati aku lah nak pakai pen kaler ape pon! pedulik haku lah!" come on laa.. if u think that the colours wont affect a thing? just try aje laaa.... worth a try kan? because it has been proved before KOT. Sebab.. whenever I see things in colour, I'll quickly got attracted by other colours except for Black! everything lah kot! and I dunt have any suitable example here. Just try lah k!?

Tips no.3 :
Avoid listening to Music containing Electric Guitars n Drums.

Hmm... I give u an example... or maybe more like a question I guess. What happens whenever u hear a Rock Music?? especially wit dat Drum beats (loud one laa which I am referring to), the GORENGAN GORENGAN SAKTI of the guitars?? I bet that everyone will say dat "saya bergetar laa.... either jantung or badan or gegendang telinga ke ape ape ke,..." haha.. and my theory is this.... He (Ze Brain) needs spaces in the brain to install input (in terms of knowledge, data, info, images, bla bla.. macam hard disk) and (My theory gak) He (Za Brain) starts growing each time u are relaxing. Hm.. for example... every morning, from a long nice sleep, U'll feel fresh rite?? like ..mmm... "Arghh segarnye!" dicampur plak if U guys open the window earlier in the morning, and u guys take the Wudhu', and U'll feel the freshness of the air during dat time... owh... that's when ur Brain starts to grow~ and U'll feel happy for everything that might happens! even if u stepped on a nail also u guys will be like "adoi.. sakitnye (nada lembut)" hahaha.... because ur brain growing larger and larger and U guys start becoming OPEN-SPACED-BRAIN-MINDED or shortformed (PEMIKIRAN TERBUKA). so what I'm trying to say here is dat, listening to HEAVY ROCKED SONGS gives a hard shock to ze Brain and they'll start to mengecut lah each time ade beat beat kuat and melalak! hahaha.. so.. ur space for information is soooo terhad! that's when u got the situation "PEMIKIRAN SEMPIT" HAHA

Tips no.4 :
Make friends wit Lecturers.

Owh this is the moooooost important and effective TIPS of all time! seriously... it's a total different studyng inside a class which is full of students (30-40) rather than U and a few of ur friends (maybe) go and see the lecturer personally asking him/her to teach u guys. Well, it happened to me! I was a really NOT-INTO-GEOTECHNIQUE-AND-I-
GONNA-FAIL-THIS-PAPER kind of guy lah last semester. And I was about to give up dah wit da subject... but a friend of mine ni... she kept on invitin' me to see the lecturer and asked him instead. So.. I just followed laaa... and suddenly I feel the difference! owh meN~ I was like "ek eleh.. senang je GEOTECHNIQUE ni rupenye..." hurmm.... trust me... it works! yeaH! it works! hahaha

Tips no.5 :
Avoid studying when u're hungry.

Not much to say laa... u just try laaaa.... do a comparison test. let say.. today u study while u're full and tomorrow u study while u're hungry. And after being tested before, I found that the latter situation disturbed my concentration in studying.

Tips no. 6 :
Ingat Kepada yang satu.

Study study gak... Tuhan jangan lupa... kang menyesal di masa depan kang.. kan susah... mulelah salahkan lecturer laaa... salahkan masa tak cukup laaa... salahkan notes tak lengkap laa... salahkan materials tah pape ntah... huhu... kalau tak ingat kat tuhan... cemane lah benda benda lain nak ingat kat kite kan? keh keh keh.. ;p so... sekelip mata je DIA boleh tarik balik ilmu2 yang sudah dipelajari! so.... important : INGAT TUHAN!

Tips no. 7 :
Study Group.
  1. Try avoiding study group with HOMO-GENDER (campur-campurlah baru efektif)
  2. Study Group bleh buat time siang... (malam malam takut jadi bendal ain plak)
  3. Avoid doing reading study.... MORE on exercises!
  4. Breaks once in every 30 minutes are allowed
  5. Make sure the session is Gossip-Free (a lil' bit is acceptable)
  6. Between 4-5 people only per group.. ( => )
  7. Make sure there is someone who can cheer u guys UP! to avoid DULL-GROUP
  8. Bring along some refreshners, drinks, snaacks, etc (Entertainment OKEY gak)

Tips no. 8 :
Make sure u have Sufficient sleeping Hours.

Avoid acting like BATMAN.... sleeps during the day and overstay..... from 12 midnight until 6 am in the morning is the SPOOKY-PERIOD. Especially gurls... avoid this! it's effectiveless! trust me! u will end up fillin' up ur brain wit FEAR~ cheywah.... hmm... what I'm trying to say is dis... ur Brain might not functioning at all laa during this time.. It's His (Ze Brain) sleeping (Resting) time.. so.. dont push him! (Ze Brain).... u'll find that u're just destroying ur Brain! so.. ur Daily timetable should be something like this :

  • 8-12 a.m - STUDY
  • 8-10 p.m - STUDY
  • 10-11 p.m - INTERNET, REST, BLA BLA BLA
  • 11 p.m - TDO

Final tips no. 9 :
Fill ur day wit healthy activities.

U shuld include sports, exercise, quality time wit friends or families, etc. Beside studying and resting, ur brain needs something to brighten up HIS (Ze Brain) day. so, try playing some games, sports or maybe meeting up some friends, chit chatting, off-educational-topic lah off course... hehe... this is to widen up ur thinking style of ur brain laaa.... even sometimes when u see an ant walking around ur glass of Sirap, u'll think the beauty of Allah's creation kan? haha (dah meningkat sket dah my KEPOYOAN.... but.. to those whose Brain has been widen/broaden, they'll think that I'm not poyo-ING around!) hehe.... think before u speak aa?! hahaha

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