Saturday, March 29, 2008


3 orang2 kuat MPG.. tanpa mereka, tiadalah cenderahati
The MPG is coming and coming and coming! huhu tomorrow night. Yet I still dont have something interesting to wear.. Hmm.. nampaknye I'll be the yg paling tak glamourlah esok nieh! isK! And while everybody is preparing for the big event, I'm busy wit my LK students. Hahaha... komitmen lah katekan.. :D

Some lecturers will turn up tomorrow night but some are still thinking kot. But one thing is for sure... Prof Ali Jelani and Dr Hamidon have confirmed and will come! CONFIRM lah! hahaha..

Last night we had our final meeting as the Committee is reaching to their last task before the semester ends! Few didnt turn up but of course lah wit reasonable reasons or else Kak Wana will get sooooooo angry lah kan? (I'm really scared of Kak Wana.) So many things were being discussed last night. We ended the meeting around 11 pm gak kot. Which is quite late laa... and I was soooooo exhausted yesterday.. doing works from 8 am-11 pm!

Owh btw... I did something which is soooooo stupid laaa yesterday... I called a man "PUAN" .. hmm enuff said! ;p

Picture :
Atas : From left Iza, Mimi, Lala
Bawah : From Left Bapak, Shikin (siit je), Kak Wana, AD

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