Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Liebst Du Mich? :)

My Fellow PERKAsians and SMPPians

Hye everybody! its been quite a long time ey~? haha.. actually I've been busy for the past few weeks. Handling things, doing assignments, lab reports, meetings and bla bla.. cheh... meeting konon... haha... for your information, I'm the Communication Biro for Persatuan Kejuruteraan Awam (PERKA) this semester. hehe... so, I'm handling all sorts of communication between PERKA and the outside world! hehe.. since there are some MEGA projects being conducted currently. Arghh... tension!

Haha I've been making quite a lot of friends since I joined PERKA.. and unfortunately most of them are gurls! hmmph... benci! hahaha..... but seriously.. PERKA Rowx!! and here are some pictures taken during the Dean's List Dinner last month. Hehehe.. enjoy! ;p

Thank god I was given the opportunity to attend the dinner... (:) and it was sooooo memorable! and really hope that it becomes one of our annual programme since I really like it... eating with tha fellow lecturers and the most important thing is.. making new friends. U know... it's normal lah kan? to not to "say hye" to strangers at the Faculty because people will like... "Eish.. sape die ni? tego2 aku?? Gile" haha... but during da dinner night, I have to "say hye" to everybody at the table in order to avoid they sa "eish poyo... semeja pon tanak tego!" kui kui kui..... hehe.. best2! :)

Okey... so.. life is quite boring nowadays... soo many assignments, especially the Research Methodology subject! Arghh!! I'm quite tension being in that class. But, what more can I do rite? I can only write in this blog.. hehe... it's okey, only a few months to go till semester break! and I'll start my practical training! yeah!

Election is just around the corner and I can feel the heat. A different kind of heat.. haha.. dunno what laa.. I just type what I wanna type kan? huhu... so.. to all Malaysians out there, VOTE wisely!! jangan menyesal di hari kelak! :)

Owh guys.... I have this one song that u guys shud hear! it's called El Helm El Arabi or Al Hilm Al Arabi or Al Helm Al Arabi arghH!! dunno how to spell it but in English it's called "ARAB DREAMS". please listen to it and there's this one version in the youtube which has a Malay Translation attached to it! please listen k?? the words are sooooo beautiful!

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