Saturday, March 22, 2008

Argh!! TEnsE!

Okay... first thing first.. It's good to be back! Hmm.. and I really mean it! after three weeks of heavy-duty-killing-work of assignments, projects, presentations, proposals, teaching, bla bla... finally I've some time to rest and write this post! and trust me u can see me crying wit dat exhausted-cute face while typing it! hmph!

first thing first.... Election is over and I'm quite satisfied wit da result! wakakakaka... "ANDA BERADA DI KAWASAN PEMBANGKANG" <-- this phrase keep on blinking in my mind each time I see a person I know! hahaha.... almost everywhere I went for the past few weeks, I'll start the conversation wit dis phrase! idup Malaysia! Idop selangor! hahaha... (I didnt tell u guys which side am I supporting ok!? but a little change might help lah kot.. hehe..) We saw some new faces coming up and some old faces going down... and this is life... u've just to learn how to live with all this.. but dont worry... just give them 5 years trial period allrite!? hmm.. I even skipped few classes last week.. dunno why.. maybe because of insufficient sleeping time lead me to this phenomenon! aiyyo... I slept at 2/3 in the morning everynight doing works! and tu lah.. Wise people says dat.. "jangan tangguh2 kerja... karang merana!" and now... I finally got the meaning of it. Coz I'm merana-ing now! hahaa

SPM results went out last week. And that was the first time ever in my life as a teacher, I wasn't there at the school.... accompanying my students take their result! hmph so sad... since I got Dr Sooi's class dat time. Class which I can't manage to skip! thank god! I hate that subject! So... I received messages from them.. telling me "hey teacher, I got A1 for my LK!!!" or "Thanx teacher... A1 hehe!!" and also "Oh my god!! sahimah (bukan nama sebenar) dapat A2 cikgu!!!" hahaha.... and some didnt even call or sms me.. and I thought to myself... maybe dorang tak dapat A or dorang abis credit or dorang dah lupe kat aB.. hehe :D by the way.. congrats to everybody who got A for their LK ok!??

I managed to make some new friends and lost a few also. :( which is quite sad. I dunno laaa what happened to me for the last few months. I lost some of my trustful person.. maybe I'm starting to become a veryx3 bad person la lately kan? aiyyo yo... And I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to anybody out there which I've done something... bad. :( sorry okeY!!!

Examination is just around the corner! and frankly speaking... I'm afraid! arghh... some killing subjects to be taken this semester! hopefully I can fill the coming study week wisely! and any STUDY GROUP is really welcomed! please! I'm begging u! I'm in charge of making the invitation card for this semester's "MALAM PRA GRADUAN" and distrbuting them to the respective lecturers! and I'd like to thank Tengku for helping me wit da card. I'm not dat good in designing a card. Especially wit da colours thingy. I'll faiL! trust me! ahahaha.... and this coming week will be the hardest of all!

Celebrated Nash's 23rd birthday last week.We celebrated his birthday together wit Ayun's on the same day our Prophet Muhammad (SAW)'s birthday! 20th march! not much happened dat day, but it was fun. hanging out wit one of my best friend back in school. Hehe... happy birthday to both of u and also to anybody who celebrated their birthday in March! sorry for no birthday presents! haha.. ;p

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