Tuesday, March 25, 2008

To Do List

Things to do before this WEEK ends!
  • Highway ECG504 Lab Report
  • ECS508 Encik Nasir's Lab Reports
  • Photocopy LK modules
  • Send Invitation cards to Lecturers fro the coming MPG '08
  • Pray a lot for Arsenal to win this weekend

Things to do before this SEMESTER ends!
  • ECS518 Dr Sooi's Mini Project (Bridge Design)
  • ECW501 Dr Ramlah's Research Proposal

Things to do before this YEAR ends!
  • Earn a lot of money!
  • Find a GF!
  • Find a tageted girl for GF!
  • Create more songS!
  • Completing all the PERKA Projects!
  • Buy a Car

Things to do before LIFE ends!
  • My millionaire programme! HAHA
  • Get married
  • Have beautiful kids
  • Make more and more Friends!
  • Apologize to everybody

(haha.. this list will be edited from time to time..... wheeeee )

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