Tuesday, April 01, 2008

PaGi YanG GeLaP

Kesian kereta saya.. menjadi mangsa penyalahgunaan kayu pembinaan! ;p

Thought of the day, Never Park Your Car near a bunch of sand/aggregates/bricks, etc coz ur car will be surrounded by construction woods! hmph! that's what happened to my car yesterday at the Faculty. I parked my car near the longgokan pasir2 and batu2an on the parking lot. At 1130 am, I received an sms from Owen saying "haha... bukan main lagi tempat parking kereta dia, macam VIP" when I first received that sms, I was like just ignored the msg coz Owen seems to be kind of an annoying person laa.. HAHAHA sorry Owen, no offense! ;p But I came down for a lunch wit Ayun, Didie and Huda, I finally understood what did she mean wit her sms! Thank god there were workers around my car to break the woods for me. =>

We ate lunch at McD section 3 and sorry guys.. no pictures! I forgot to take any! hmph! (sedih Didie ngan Huda!)

I didn't have enough sleep the night before and therefore straight after lunch, I went home and slept happily! until around 5 o'clock then only I woke up. I checked my handphone and found a couple of messages in it. I read it one by one and a message sounded like this "Meeting hari ni pukul 6 seperti biasa -wy" oh.. the meeting is going according to plan. hmm... yeay!!! ;p

The Still Standing AJKs. From left clockwise : Uncle Morizal, Aleem, AB, Mira, Wahida n Hazar

Meeting was held without the other 5 AJKs. dunno where they are but one thing is for sure, they've wasted an opportunity to eat Pizza Hut! Morizal treated us for dinner at Pizza Hut~ (nyanyi sket sambil bace) and we were soooo happy! especially the waiter, Mr Faizal was very sporting to tell us about the food that is recommended! ;p

I asked Imran on the title of the song they played the other night The Malay song entitled "Pagi Yang Gelap" by Hujan. I tried playing it on the piano and recorded it. And the result.... is shown below! ;p huhu enjoy guys!!! Banyak silap tau lagu nie.. maklumlah... first time... so.. harap dimaafkan! ;p wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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