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Site Visit Highway Engineering!

I'm holding a Geo Grip!
Site visit!

Date : 8th April 2008 Location : Jalan Dikawasan Belia 2, SG Panjang, Sabak Bernam Syarikat Terlibat : Tulane SDN BHD.

There is where we eat!

The day started and as usual, I've to send Hafif to school early in the morning (Around 7.45 I think). From his school , I went straight to UiTM. In UiTM, I realised that I was the first participant to arrive. Damn Aimi, he said that make sure to be there at 8 am! Janji Melayu... Typical Janji Melayu.

Che Nab was the next person to arrive with his new Myvi (Putih)! Gilelah Che Nab!! tiap minggu tukar kereta! hahahaha.... We had our breakfast (Not exactly a breakfast) at the newly opened Cafe Block 3! I bought a packet of Sirap Ais and it took the makcik Cafe roughly around 7 minutes to prepare a packet of simple Sirap Ais! aiyyo... nasib baik lah baru bukak, kalau tak, habislah! hoho.

I'm in a Backhoe ok!??

Around 9 am, everybody was already there including Puan Siti Nurbaya Ab Karim, our accompanying lecturer. We got into the bus and departed from UiTM around 9.15 am. I was sitting on the back row alongside Aimi, Panjang and Jabbar. We started to snore as the bus passed through UiTM main gates! (actually not "we" it was "Aimi") I was quite sleepy too since I havent got enough sleep the night before. I slept around 3 a.m on purpose! Since I thought I might be sleeping during the whole journey to Sabak Bernam. I thought it might be a boring trip!

Tulane SDN BHD Office at Section 13

First destination, we stopped at Section 13, near the Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Seksyen 13. Here is where we had our briefing about the project that we're gonna see later dat day. We were being briefed about the current progress, the total cost, the delays, the history of TULANE SDN BHD and also some basic knowledge on Highway Engineering. We were being briefed by the Quantity Surveyor, Puan "ape ntah" I can't remember her name. Quite a short briefing yet interesting! hahaha.
Picture :(Left) Puan Ape Ntah and Akak Afro

After about an hour, we departed for Sabak Bernam. We traveled using the Guthrie highway and thank god Owen was there in our group. She's from Sabak Bernam and she knows about that town very well. She showed the way to the bus driver there. Owh btw, there were about 30++ of us together in the bus. I think around 30 students (8 boys and 22 girls), 1 lecturer and 2 drivers. The director of the programme was Salmiza and the no.2 leader was Aimi (kot).

Coki Coki Fan Club. Can u spot the cutest??

Throughout the trip, most of us can't sleep happily. Everybody was starving and I can see hungry mimik muke showed on each and everyone aboard the UiTM bus dat morning. I kept on receiving smses from some of my Hotlink friends. Hahaha.... every 1 minute, my phone received an sms! from different person. Mementang laa 1500 sms free kan? ahahahaha... but It's okey.. I Lyke it! reading funny and weird sms! I just lyke it!
Picture : (left) Mak : Ape pandang2? Nak kene pukul?

There in Sabak Bernam, we had our lunch in one gerai which I dont know the name and the Ayam Masak Kicap was sooooo delicious! we ate and ate before proceeding our journey to the site.

There in the site we were brought to some of the roads that they are currently under construction. Tulane SDN BHD is I think the main contractor for this worth 10 million project! The Site Engineer there is En. Shuhaimi and he gave us a detailed briefing regarding their project there. He and his crew even gave us some sort of Quiz question regarding on Structures of Pavement.
Picture : (Right) From Left Kakak Ntah, Uncle Mior, Puan Tatau (yang atas tadi), Akak Afro and En Suhaimi

We are family!!!! (ECG504 6H)

After the briefing and the question session, we were being brought to the Road Construction Site! The main area of constructions! I was told that there are 16 roads which they are constructing now and the overall progress is around 60% if I'm not mistaken. It was really tiring to stand under the hot shiny sun! Arghh! bahang nye! peluhnye! etc NYE! kui kui kui.... But we learnt a lot of things gak laaa.... I finally understand what is the meaning of the words like Culvert, Crusher Run, Wearing Coarse, Binder Coarse, etc! huhuhuh ;p This trip is sooooo useful!

We decided to end our site visit around 4 pm since the sky was becoming darker and darker, I think it might be super-scary when Sabak Bernam becomes dark! I can't see any lamp post along the roads there. We went back to Shah Alam wheee!! hehe.. on our way we stopped at an RR to pray. Besides praying, that was the only time we can eat.

On our way to UiTM, most of us were sleeping. I managed to take some photos of those sleeping friends! huhuhu.. quite funny laaaa seeing them sleeping with different style each. I feel very happy wit da trip and hope there'll be more trips like dis in da future.. This is the only activity that can make us more closer to each other and of course to get to know them better! :)

Picture : (Above) There is no water in the Bilik Air utk wudhu'

And the Nominees for Best-Act-Of-Sleeping goes to :


Bapak (Aimi Fali Saufi)

Mas and Nuelko (covered)

Dila and Salmiza



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