Monday, April 07, 2008

A Night Wit Fello Friends!

I'm always the Don Boss when it comes into my Blog! haha ;p -aB

It's fun to hang wit some friends during this stressful period! Examination is just around the corner and due dates for assignments, reports, etc are also starting to get closer and closer! but progress is still far beyond reaching its target! hurmph! tense!! So we met for the first time in 2 months kot. Most of the "Dons" were there!
Picture :(Left) Ihsan

First on the list, Don Ke'Busy'an, Uncle Ihsan! Owh men, when was the last time I met him? Hmm... only god knows kot. He has been a very busy worker! maklumlah.... baru berumah tangge! kenelah komitmen! hehhe he looked soo stressed out and I hope when I'm working, I wont carry those kind of burden laa while working! it freaks me out seeing some of my friends working heavily! But dats life kan? working hard to earn money! money wont come easily~ kui uki kui....

Uncle Kerol plak... still recovering from his Knee operation. Glad to see him smiling again! He's now enjoying his 7 weeks MC! bestnye cuti! hahaha... Raut kesedihan still kelihatan di mukanya akibat kekalahan Juventus di tangan Palermo malam tadi 3-2.
Picture :(Right) Kerol

Speaking about football, most of us were quite sad with our team's performance last weekend except for Don Apis! He looked soooooo happy for Chelsea's win over (dunno which club)He hurt his knee during a friendly futsal match last week I think if I'm not mistaken. Everybody is hurting their own leg!!! aiyyo!!! ;p takuts!
Picture :(Left) Apis

Don Pemakanan, Tengku Nuruddeen was disappointed with Man UTD's game last night. They drew 2-2 with Middlesbrough. Nobody dares to tease Tengku wit it is about Manchester United! he will get angry! and U'll be really frightened! hoh o ho ho ho
Picture :(right) Tengku
Don Padi is now a succesfull grapeseller! (penganggur) and he's really in the need of vacant jobs! kesian die... die dah mule merase sedih! but dont worry! cheer up! there's always rezeki for those who has patience! :) and hope U'll get the best job ever!!! amin~ ;p
Picture :(Left) Padi

Don Ijie plak.... also jobless but he said that he's currently in progress of finding one! And he keeps on urging us to start footballing again! our padang has improved! there are new field lines, goal post!bulky grass, etc! Ijie ni susah sangat nak ajak lepak! die asik busy aje menjage anak buahlah, adik lah, teman adik main game laaaa, bawak adik bersiar-siar laaa... haha sampai kami fed up! ;p Ijie jie.... bile lah nak ajak kami makan nasi minyak nieH!! huhuhu
Picture : (Right) Ijie

Last but not least, Don Gambar, Kari.... he's now half photographic robot! always wit his camera wherever he goes! I envy him u know... he knows how to take really nice pictures! and I dont! my pixcha is always blurrr!! damN! Kari ni soooo genius! in almost every aspects! he knows a lot about computer, electronic devices, military issues, kameras, games, etc! So I think we can call him walking Google! since he knows about almost everything! wahahahahah go Kari!
Picture: (Left) Kari

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