Thursday, April 03, 2008



I'm quite disappointed with a number of people rite now. Hurmph! but dont worry, they wont know it coz I act normally wit them all. HyarghhH! it's hard to find someone who u can fully trust nowadays. People are becoming more and more "LUCU" (Dont know wether it's da best word to describe how I wanna call them rite now) ;p hehe.

Spent a little time wit Kerol tonite discussing about "THINGS". THINGS means menyeluruh laaa from the tiny tiny little things into those big2 things. And the main focus was about our current Political conditions. About everything aaaa and I really enjoy things-talking like this! hehe.

Owh I just remember! I spent most of my day wit married people! I had my lunch wit uncle Morizal and he told me about his current dilemma. He's now under a really massive problem that needed him to make a choice between some options. He's gonna make the decision of his life aa kirenye. And I can only tell him this, be brave and think wisely before making any decision.!

Shocking results for last night Champions League matches. Arsenal were held 1-1 with visitor Liverpool and Chelsea lost 2-1 to Fenerbahce in Turkey. I was soo disappointed with the Arsenal match. Arsenal should have won the game since they were dominating the game the whole 90 minutes. I felt like a raging bull when Aleksandr Hleb was pulled by inside the Penalty Box yet no Penalty Kick was given. The most shocking moment came in during the last quarter period of the match when Dirk KuytCesc Fabregas' shot was blocked by Nicklas Bendtner!!!! (His own team mate!!) the ball should have gone in if he didn't do that thing! arghh!!!

New video has been added to my youtube list. Check it out, a song from Yanni, called The End Of August. :) Enjoy!! Wheeee ;p

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