Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Principle Stresses

Accidentally meeting wit fellow Ex-students

I'm totally confused rite now. Is this a normal procedure to everybody who undergoes semester 6 or Civil Engineering Degree? or it's just me exaggerating about the burden being held by myself this semester! arghh god help me!!! With 2 tests coming up The Day After Tomorrow (Lusa), some lab reports to be submitted by the end of this week, etc, I'm really in the need of some guidance!!!

I don't have time for other things! my time spent wit my friends are also limited! everybody keeps on blaming me for being such a sombong guy! aaaaaaaaa...... sorry lah guys.... but I'll try my best laa.. dont worry! Quite missin' some of u guys out there. huhuhuhu... (sentimental sket)

Everyday is the same day for me nowadays. But one thing for sure, PERKA's duty is over (for the time being laaa) and it will be continued next semester. Most of it!

Yusni Jaafar passed away yesterday and it was a great shock to fello Malaysians. She was one of the best actress Malaysia has ever produced. I still remember her acting in most of the 70-80s Malay movies and she was always playing the funny characters. She died at 2.30am on Tuesday at the Selayang Hospital. She was 63 and according to her daughter Raja Ema, the comedian died of liver failure. Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat. Al-Fatihah...

Movin' on, I'm quite curious about the news that's being aired lately regarding the movie "FITNA" from Holland. I dunt have any idea what the movie is all about and if there's anybody out there who can assist me in giving me an understanding about it, feel free to contact me! U're most welcomed!! hahaha....


To all muslims out there, strengthen ur Iman and pray for guidance. Nowadays, so many medium/ ways/ tactics being used by the unwanted culprit in order to diverge the understanding of fello muslims worldwide. Muslims nowadays aren't the same as what they were a long time ago. Just be careful and not to be easily influenced by all the wrongdoings! Just keep prayin' okey!?? :)

Picture : (Left) Geert Wilder, creator of Fitna Movie

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