Sunday, April 06, 2008

DOw NutS!

Sunway Empire! (Part of it)

I love donuts! wheee... and for the past 5-6 years I've been spending my money for it almost everyday! Every morning, before going to class, I'll stop at one of the SHELL petrol station and buy some Dunkin Donuts. This is considered as one of my Breakfast routine laaa. And sometimes the cashier will sound something like "makan donut bang?" hahaha idiot! off course laa I'm eating donut! duhh! ;p (sometimes people likes to show their kindness by showing their donkeyness!)

So, why am I writing about donuts here? out of the blue! kui kui... this morning I went for my BGM451 oral test. (that is German Language II). Thank god I got Frau Raja Rosila as my tester and she was soooo kind and very helpful! huhu.... My scariest part was the spontaneous questions! There were 5 questions to be asked and of course I have to answer all 5 or else points will be deducted! And to my biggest excitement, I managed to answer all 5 of them! but not with flying colours laa... off course the dialogue below had experienced some modifications and tokok-tambahing is normal laa! hha :
Picture : (Above) Stress of studying maybe!??? ;p

Frau Raja Rosila (F)
  • F : Okey kite start lah eh~
  • AB : Ok frau~
  • F : Trinkst du gern Kaffee oder Tea?
  • AB : Ich Trinke Kaffee gern.
  • F : Oooo suke minum kopi... okey next question. Sind Sie Rauchen?
  • AB : Nein, Ich bin nicht Rauchen.
  • F : Oooo tak merokok ye? takpe... walaupun awak tak merokok, saya nak tanya jugak nie. Was kosten eine packung Cigarette?
  • AB : Hmm.... Eine packung Cigarette kostet RM5.
  • F : Ooooo RM5 eh? tu Dunhil ke ape? murahnye! Dunhil bukan mahal ke?
  • AB : (Adoi.. lawak nye .. manelah aku tau *Ni dalam hati*)
  • F : Okey sambung, Wie spat is es?
  • AB : Es ist neun Uhr.
  • F : Betul ke pkol 9? saya tgk jam saya ni bukan pukul 9!
  • AB : Oh... ja... es ist neun uhr sieben minuten!
  • F : haaaa.... betul2.. Ok... awak dah habis!
German language is quite an interesting foreign language to study. It sounds similar to English (Most of the words and the phrase, structures, etc). But to tell u da truth, in the first place, I chose to take German because I hate Japan and Mandarin language! haha... (For engineering students, u'll have only 3 choices for ur third language and they are German, Mandarin and Japanese.)

(I wonder when will I start talking about the Donuts ey~? hahahahaha..) After the Oral test, I called Tengku and later dat morning I picked him up and went straight to Subang. We were improving our health and fitness level! cheywah! ;p That was the second time within 2 days I went to Subang. Yesterday, I took my mum to Sunway Pyramid since she wanted to meet her friend and joined sumthing about Sunway Vacation Group (I forgot its real name.) and later dat day we spent our time loitering around inside the Pyramid. We met some familiar faces and as usual she was the one to greet them! We were touring the whole Sunway Empire and I tell u, it is one beautiful Empire Sunway got there in Subang. The buildings, the concept, accommodations, facilities, etc. Kagum sketika! hahaha
Picture : (Above) Mak is concentrating hearing Abg Rizal's explanation

Big Apple Subang Parade! Ground Floor! In front of Old Toys'R'Us!

Okey okey... later dat day (we are now in the second day, the day when I took my Oral test... and the situation is me and Tengku have just finished our health and fitness level improvement!) we went to Subang Parade and I've decided to buy a pack of 12 Donuts from Actually that wasn't my first time in Big Apple.Big Apple, its just dat I didn't got the mood to write something about food! hahaha Big Apple is more preferable than J.Co in Sunway Pyramid. For me laaa... and u know why? the reasons are less people queuing and they have Alien vs Predator! I Love AVP very much!!! the chocolate is sooo real!!! U can fell it melts surrounding ur lips and if u're unlucky enuff, it will flow onto ur dress, legs, shoes, hands, etc!
Picture : (Above) The Abangs is manhandling the Donuts! Ahaks!
Picture : (Right) Even Spiderman will be amazed by the Donuts making process!

Since my first time here, I knew dat Dunkin Donuts should better do something for their donuts if they still want to compete in our Country's donuts Industry! And I think I want to propose for a branch to opened in Shah Alam (Big Apple or J.Co, not the Dunkins!). It will make us happier! hehehe.... owh for your information, a Burger King will be opening soon here in Shah Alam! it is situated at the Extreme Park section 13! cant wait for it to open! Double Whopper Cheeze! huhuhuhu I Lyke! ;p

I LEs sgIr OmE fIqk Amc rgE Ir RO mIbE sgAs I eAkk eOq gEq! ;p I sgImj rgE jmOvr! gAgA... vE gAuE aEEm fOOc eqIEmcr kAsEkx Amc I gOoE Is vIkk rsAx Om eOq mEws bOUokE Oe xEAqr! axE!

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