Monday, April 07, 2008

RM 50! Yeni! New! Jadid! Baru!

The provider, Ayun (Above) and the promoter Fad (Both of them are soo happy that they get the chance to take picture wit the new money!) ;p

Finally, I own my first piece of the new RM50 note! thanx to Ayun! he wanted to pay me for topuping him the other day and he didn't have small change! so he gave me the new money and I returned him the change! wakakaka.... it's sooo memorable! I Lyke! I thought the colour is purple! but Kerol corrected me by saying "it's not purple, it's Blue!" ;p and while giving me the money, Ayun said :

"Kalau ngan kau, aku yakin sikit. Kau sure tak tukar punye duit nie, kalau aku kasi kat yg lain2 tu kang sure diorang pakai! sayang aje!"
-Nazrul Azmi-

haha I dunno who was he referring to as "yg lain2" hmm.. quite curious ey~? hehe

Encik Nasir's class ended up early today since he got soo many works to do in the office. He wasn't around at the Faculty for 3 days I think coz his Father In Law passed away on Friday. And we were told that was the reason why he postponed our Friday's test last week. Al-Fatihah to his late Father In-Law.

Not so well Kerol (Juventus Lost Last night) and Not so happy Ijie (Man U Draw)

A perfect timing when Kerol's sms reached my handphone inviting for a lunch! Together with Ijie who treated me dis afternoon! We discussed more on football issues, and other stuffs!

Bahari Ahmad Bahari Abu's Facebook profile

Owh guys I have a Facebook account! wakakakaka well what can I say about Facebook? hmm.. it's undeniably superbly STYLO! hahahaha no wonder Iefiz and a bunch of younger kids keep on forcing me to open one! haha but now I must first learn how to handle things in Facebook! it looks quite complicated for me!

Some new videos added yesterday :
AB - Teratai (Ramli Sarip)
AB - Kerana (Alleycats)
AB - Senandung Semalam (Jamal Abdillah)

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