Wednesday, April 16, 2008

GOOD lucK!

Kita Minum Dulu!!!!

Finally, study week started! and I'm really enjoying every second of it! Monday's session with professor Nasir was running smoothly despite several minor problems dat occured. And we were told by En Nasir before, there will be a talk on the Industrial Training this Friday! (Hmm.. I can feel a disturbance in my holiday~) But it's okay since I got another 6 days (maybe) to study for some of the killer courses!!! Owh I'm soooo scared to take the Highway Paper this coming monday!!!!
Picture : (Right) I'm behind a Monstrous Muscular Guy, Tengku!

Clockwise : Elyna, Mira Edora, Aleeza, Aqilah, Fawwaz and Nas

Last nite was a very weird night! first time ever everybody came during Mira Edora's tuition class! Hahaha and we welcomed new comer Nasrullah. In fact he is the brother of one of my friends back in primary school Nur Naimullah. The class went on as usual and with an additional photography session at the end. :)

What a very sporting Cikgu they have here! haha

New song guys!! fresh from my mind! it's called White Roses~ hahaha.... Click the link below please~

Well this is it guys... I'd like to take this opportunity to wish GOOD LUCK to all my friends who are gonna be having their Final Examination this coming week. Not forgetting the ones who are gonna present their Final YEar's Proposal today and tomorrow, ALL THE BEST! May the force be wit ya! :)

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