Friday, April 11, 2008

Test x4

I feeL GooD~

Been quite busy lately.... I have 4 tests in 4 days consecutively! Aiyark!! kepala cam nak pecah!! Hahaha.. but takpa.. stay cooL ey~? I really hope dat I did well in my Solid test today! :)

Hantu Durian
Hantu Durian Gile...

Last night went out with Fad, Leia, Ayun and Siti to Klang doing some business! And we ate durian! weee..... Hahaha... I eat Durian ok!??? appalah, orang gile je tak makan durian! huhu.. got to go!! study study!! I'll be havin' my Mats test tomorrow and Research Methodology the day after tomorrow! haha

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