Saturday, April 05, 2008


The man of our class : from left Jabbar, Hisham, AB, Arafat, Ashmuel and Panjang

One test down and few more to go plus thank god I received a wonderful message yesterday regarding our Highway's second test! It will be a "take home test" and we can download the question from the I-Learn portal! feuhww!I downloaded the question while I was waiting for Kak Baie in the faculty office. I'm facing a problem regarding my pre-registration process! arghh! spootiD! Last night's steel design test was quite okey laa compared to the first test. Hope I can score and I lykeee Take Home Test! awahahaha

Picture : (Right) Part of our class

Further Solid Mechanic Test#2 plak is postponed until further noticed. Encik Nasir had to go to Melaka. He said that it was an Emergency leave. So, we're all happy! (not quite laa actually) thinking about the possibility of having tests 4 days in a row next week might be something to be annoyed at. Hmm just pray laaa guys so dat the questions wont be that hard! and sometimes I think that do we need another test?? after 3 additional laboratory works and reports!?? nge nge nge nge.

During Encik Nasir's period today, we spent the time finishing our laboratory works! we were doing the Strut Test (Column) and also managed to take some memorable photos with our classmates! It's fun you know, taking pictures wit people u weren't close before! and they were all sporting and enjoying themselves! this week might be the last week for us to be together before starting our final examination and begin our Industrial Training!

Picture : (left) some of my friends rite now from left AB, Minal, Wan Linda, The Sombong Ros Zanita

This is the only platform for me to get to know my classmates better since whenever Encik Nasir is around, they all are like busy doing works laaa asking Encik Nasir questions laaaaa, study laaa... haha hipocrits gak! kui kui kui ;p

Speaking about Industrial training, I'll have it at Ibsul Holdings SDN BHD kot together wit Fadlullah and Ayun. Yeay!! I'm happy since I'll have companies to work with! Feeling sooooooo happy to start!

Joe wit his new HP and p/s: He's going to be engaged this coming May

Met Kerol, Joe and Padi yesterday evening at Darul Ehsan 8. Kerol told us about his regarding his leg recovery. The doctor told him that he's recovering quite fast!great news! Besides that, Joe showed us his new Handphone! N81 tu beb! hahaha.... jangan memain! and he looks soooo happy wit the new HP! we were planning to go to somewhere wit Wi-Fi since Joe wanted to show us his new HP's power! but it was raining heavily and Kerol can't walk that much, we've decided to go to somewhere safer. =) get well soon uncle Kerol! haks! Spend your great 7 weeks of holiday wisely oke!!!?? hahahaha dapat duit bebile blanje aje kami! wahahahhahaa.. I miss playing football sooo much but after hearing so many injuries (serious injuries i mean) lately happened to some people, I got phobia! owh! ;p
Picture : (Above) Kerol is belek2ing Joe's new HP

Woke up this morning without nothing to do, I found out that my student Budi is now in Australia and due to that our class was canceled! hmm... so.. I was a up early in the morning and without anything to do rite now. So I browse the internet, typing blogs (This post laa actually) and found an idea to play a song. I found the song in one of my friend's friendster and started to look for the chords! hehe. Okey with this post I've attached together my style of Piano Music Sheet. I wanna say sorry to everybody who'd asked me or gonna ask me about the music sheets which I can't provide. What can I give to you is just only this kind of sheet music (The picture on the left) hehe....

Picture : (left) My own-written piano chords entitled Ken Hirai - Aika (Elegy)

People keeps on asking me how can I play a piano using this kind of sheet?? Well the answer is simple, I ask them back "How can u play a piano using a "taugeh" version notes of music sheet??" hahaha.... well.. joking laaaa actually its not dat hard once u're well practised kan? It's just the same as guitar chords and if u can play the guitar just using the chords, I can't see why u can't play a piano using the same medium~ ;p

And hasil from the above chords, This video is produced! Enjoy :

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