Thursday, April 17, 2008


Seriously guys... "lumpuh" isn't something dat u wanna try to feel! ooOooooo no no no.... I experienced the term "lumpuh" yesterday morning. Mak woke me up wit her normally high-tone yell. And I was up shockingly! I did what I normally did everymorning... I opened my eyes and turned to my right to see both of my HPs... is there any msg? is there any miss calls? Owh nothin'.... and then I turned to my left, checking my watch, taking some sweets... and then only I answered my mum telling her that I'm up! haha

But actually its not the funny part that I wanna tell u guys. After answering my mum, I got off from my blanket and stood up! and suddenly I fell! hmm.... I dunno why... it was soo mysterious.... then I thought it might be sum funny phemonema when u wake up every morning, might be we're not dat quite prepared to get up yet! then calmly I crawled back on to my bed and tried standing up again! PAPP!! I fell.... and I can't feel my legs at all! owh.. I started thinking "ape dosa aku dah buat malam tadi nie? tuhan nak balas aku ke ape nie..." Hmmmm mak rushed to my door when she heard the loud bang. "KNAPA B!?? APE BUNYI TU??"

On the third attempt, I succeed! wheeeee... but it's sooooo weird... I still can't find the exact term or explanation for that thing. I didn't tell my mom... I just told her that I fell.... and I heard Abah chuckles... hu hu hu hu.... But its okey now... This morning, I managed to stand up on my first attempt! it should be okey I hope!

Street Kings was sooo awesome! :) go and watch lah kanak2... siriusly that movie is stylo!

And for those who wants to download my latest creation entitled White Roses.... please download it here... (Right Click and choose Save as) --> HERE

IL pUIsE cIrrAooOImsEc vIsg gEq xErsEqcAx.... aUs LAxaE rgE cIcms jmOv.... cAg oUsUr ArA m gAqAoAm cAg mI.... gEg.... aUs Isr Oj..... IcUo jEmA cIsEqUrjAm.... bgIkk!!!

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