Monday, May 07, 2007

Cis!! Seri dgN Chelsea!!!!

Kedai Kopi

so.. that's it! Manchester United won this year's Barclays English Premier League! Hahaha... tahniah!!! :p Goal by Michael Essien held Arsenal who were leading with one goal scored by Gilberto Silva. Heh.. benci!!

yeay kami menang!!!!

The result means Manchester United are seven points clear at the top of the table with just two games left to play. United's success means boss Sir Alex Ferguson has won the Premiership nine times during his 21-year reign.

We watched that match at Darul Ehsan Section 8! Owh.. so many people laaa.... we met Alex and Kamahlaan there lepak2 ing.... we were on da same table.. Hurmm

I didn't play football today since Papa asked me to follow him to Kedai Kopi to meet Nadia and Dira. Huhu.... they gave me an Arsenal scarf!! haahahhaa.. suke suke!! Thanx Dira, Thanx Nadia!!!

My new Arsenal scarf! haha macam model!

Today we finally took our jersey from Al Ikhsan! haha... the jerseys are perfect except for the shorts! they are alllll toooo short laa... sooo sexy when I saw Apis and Joe wore them.. Hahaha... dah macam boxer dah... as a result, we need to change the sizes for our shorts! hehe :p!!

Mari kite bahagi jersey Joe!!!!

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