Tuesday, May 29, 2007

day 003 :) Istanbul '07 trip

One of the beautiful corners around The Grand Bazaar

Okay hye guys!! before I proceed wit da 3rd episode of our journey... My latest song finally got its name! yeeha!! It is given the title "Beaux Jeux" nga hahaha... suke suke!!! :) and dont ask me where did I get the name from~ hahaha.. :p I just love dat name! :p

Hafif Tengah mandi bersiap!

Okay okay... enough about da song.... Day 3... hehe.. location? still in Istanbul... we started da day wit our breakfast routine prepared by the Hotel.... owh I like the food there!!! I really2 love it!

Okay.. first thing first... mak wanted to go to Mr Wahab. She wanted to change Hafif's jeans! she said that da jeans was toooo tight laa for Hafif who is geting fatter each day. hhaha kidding! but on our way to the Grand Bazaar.... mak stopped at this one shop that sells Skirts.. then.. she bought a really nice long skirt.. Heh.....

Mr Skirt was a soldier before~

Hafif Khusyuk menyaksikan baju2

So we met Uncle Wahap!... changed the jeans.... and had some chit chat... hahaha.. before we continue our journey. We met uncle Serif... then we were off to the street heading to the Spice Bazaar...

a view of Grand Bazaar's gate

Abah and Mak


A Place to wash ur hand in the Grand Bazaar

Fenerbahce's flags are all hanging iside the Grand Bazaar

Wanna wash ur hand??

Road to The Spice Bazaar

We met another old friend of ours... Uncle Inci Ahmed.... he's a Mr Curtain Shop! Ahmad Inci.... he's a really nice person!he served us water to drink, guided us to the lace shop where mak bought some laces in different colours! Owh the workers there were not sooo friendly punye kind laa.. I Hayte~!!! haha

We are Family

At Lace Shop

That is Ahmad Inci~

Hafif Bored...

To The Lace Shop!!!!!

After buying some laces... we went back up the hill to the Grand Bazaar... on our way... as usual mak stopped at any shop that she wanted to stop at! and buying some things that she likes bla bla... haha.. make up shop, kain shops... table cloth shop... etc..

Perfume... Ubat Ketiak.. what else..???

Back in Grand Bazaar... mak was being chased by this one Mr Scarf named Mr Ali... owh.. he was soo kind and funny... maybe that's the way he does his marketing strategy.. huhu.. soo funny la him.... so.. mak ternyata tertarik ngan his style .. so she bought around 10 scarfs I think.... owh lucky him!! hahaha Mr Ali... u're soo like Ali G.!!!

Okay... that one is Mr Ali... the tallest!

Abah likes Antique shop!

We walked and walked until all of us were feeling soo tired that we've decided to have our lunch before going back to the hotel.... owh the Kebab here at the restaurant was soooo expensive! Aiyyo.. benci benci!!!!

Hehehe.... I'm happy!!!!!! Winky winky :p

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