Monday, May 28, 2007

Day 001 :) Istanbul '07 trip

One of the fantastic views in Dubai air port

Okay first of all.... I wanna express my excitement!! haha... there's free wireless internet access at our Hotel here in Istanbul!! yeeeha!! so.. u guys can still chat wit me thru MSN, YM, or Myspace!! what a happy intro aaa?? :p

Our journey begins.. huhu... 26th May 2007...

Ibrahim came and sent us to KLIA Sepang... Papa, Joe, Syukri, Chakra were among those who came to meet us before we left for KLIA.... hehe.. macam sedih aje plak.. nak tinggalkan Malaysia dat day...

Check in! Whee

Tido kepenatan

Our flight from Kuala Lumpur was at 2 a.m Sunday morning.... kami bertolak dari rumah 9.30 pm, sampai 10 pm.. tahniah!!! we just got another 4 hours waiting period in KLIA! with most of the shops were already closed! haha.. I ate Burger King dat night and my family were all like "mak ai besarnye burger kau!!!" haha... biaselah.. aB Plak.. (curi ayat Mira )

Mak ngan abah pon penat...

Our journey took about 7 hours straight from Kuala Lumpur to Dubai.... owh.... I tell u guys aaa... Emirates memang terbaik!!! besides they are the main sponsor for Arsenal Football Club, huuuuu memang terbaik!!! there are more than 500 channels of entertainment which include Movies, Radio, Sports, bla3... and the most important thing is dat... we are like watching our own DVD player.. where we can forwand, reewind, scan, bla bla.. Power kan?? hehehe... I watched "Letters From Iwo Jima", "Stormbreaker" and "Marry Poppins".... there were many more movies shown in the flight including Pirates, Music Lyrics, Cinderella Man, etc... BANYAK!!!!

We arrived at Dubai International Airport around 4 a.m (local time) 27th May 2007

Mak tak sabar2 nak bergambar~

Dubai airport

Turun tangga meh kawan2

This is my third time in Dubai.... and the Air port has changed! new building I Think.... sooo many shopping places inside... duty free.. and quite cheap laaa.... just imagine... an England jersey.. long sleeve.. in Malaysia might cost u RM299.. but here in Dubai.. u can get that same jersey with only DHS185 which is around RM172!!!!! crazy Mazy aa?? huu.. slumberly I said to my mum "Mak... nak beli!!!" and Mum said.. "nanti balik malaysia kite berenti sini gak.. time tu beli lah..." heh.. "OK!"

Hafif.... youngest brother

Abah and Hafif

Hafif menyaksikan keajaiban Lif

More stories in Dubai will be updated later okeh!!??? since I'm kinda sleepy aa rite now.... Haha... owh btw... I really miss some people back there in Malaysia... hehe... aiyyoyo.... benci~! hahaha.... ;p Baru satu hari...

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