Sunday, May 20, 2007

So Far So Good eyh~

God save the LK students! cheywah.. hehe

Remember when I told u guys about me going into the SMART tunnel?? well here are some pictures taken on dat day.. hehe.. enjoy~ :p

We're on our way into the magical tunnel~

Hehey... dont confuse.. this is not the SMART tunnel.. heh!

Haa.... ni baru betul! macam Star wars plak... From left.. Han Solo... Chewbacca

Sooo.. long aaa this tunnel

Friday (18 May 2007)

Clockwise from left.... Sarah Ain (Karim), Shana, Alan, Nenek, ???, Lan, Affiqah, AB, Izzat

Hehey.. I was the ugliest dat night.. I didn't know that I should wear formally~ haha

Miss u all` eheheh thanx for inviting~

The next day.... during night time.... My ex-students (first batch) invited me to have dinner wit them at The Little Italian Kitchen. Owh... there were about twelve of us altogether... I didn't know there will be sooo many people eating there. The restaurant was fully loaded! hahaha.... okay...most of my ex-students have changed~ haha... some of them are not single anymore.. hehe.. to Fathudin... congratulations.. at last u got ur dream girl as ur girlfriend aa??
Haha.. to Mira and Nenek..... semoge berbahagie~ Hehe... to Affiqah... good luck~! Ngeeeee...... :)

Yesterday, (Saturday 19th May 2007)

Hungry lil Joe


Yeay! dat's nicE!

We're family~

Mira asked me to put this picture in my blog and tell u guys that she's a good cook


Today's malay model~! Haha

Brie's wedding ceremony took place. I got the chance to meet some of my old school mate.I went there wit Nashrif, Papa, Joe, Munzir and Ali. We met Maria and Amira there. We met Hidayah, Sufina, Habeeb, Hafiz Ipin, Dina, Najwa, Apai, etc etc. Hohoho.... we were sooo hungry dat day we ate sangat banyak! huhuhu..... Munzir sangat lawak... he was kind of angry wit the M.C dat day... "Ade ke MC die nie.... dijemput kedua mempelai meneruskan ACARA memotong kek, ACARA bergambar.... gune ACARA dah macam sukaneka plak.. hish!"

Kari took a really beautiful picture of me! hahaha

Hehe..... bola tampar!

Mak ai Joe.. smangat!

That evening, we went to TTDI, watching Joe and his fellow 7-11 compatriots practicing Bola Tampar. Kari took me there... we watched them play... which I found it kind of funny laaa... Haha... Owh.... jatuh cinte ngan sorang akak nie... :p hehehe..... Izzat and Joe were soooooooo semangat lah dat day! congrats boys!! Aaaahahahahah

Dat night, we watched FA Cup final between Chelsea and Manchester United at Darul Ehsan section 8. The restaurant was crowded wit supporters from all over Section 8. Majority were Manchester United's supporters... For me... I supported Chelsea! Hahaha.. go go go Chelsea! not because I'm a Chelsea fan laa.. but the fact is dat I hate Manchester United! Hhuhuhuhu I forgot to take some photos yesterday.. I was concentrating berborak wit Azri laa... hehe...

2 orang yg paling sejuk malam tadi... ESKIMO!

And finally.. bad news to all Manchester United's fan!! CHelsea won the FA cup! huhuhu... I Lyke! After playing for nearly 120 minutes, Chelsea's hero, Didier Drogba managed to squeeze the ball neatly into the net . Hohoho.... u guys should hear the sound made by Chelsea's supporters yesterday! hahaha... gempak!!! :p

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