Thursday, May 24, 2007

Yow Ho Yow Ho The Pirates Make Me Sick~

Hurmm.. I got really disappointed with the 3rd installment of Pirates of The Caribbean : At World's End. Hurmm.. I went to watch da movie wit high expectations! harapan tinggi bahawa movie ini akan menjadi sangat best! Our show started at 12.30 a.m and we had to spend about 40 minutes just to watch the stoopid ads!! owh... there was this one time... during the ads, the film got burnt I think.. we can sae the film burning on the theatre screen. Hahahaa......

Witted Jack


About the movie.... I admit that there were some parts in the movie that made me laughed gile2an.... owh especially when Jack Sparrow reappeared! Owh I really like Capt Jack Sparrow!!! he was sooo cool in da movie.... Okay about the 3rd movie, I think the story line got a bit confusing and more complicated... wit the appearance of new events, things, characters.. aiyyo.... pening2 memikirkan.. Haha

Brethren Court... gathering of all Pirate Kings!

Sao Feng : Wlcome to Singgapore!

The movie started wit an overview of the ancient city of Singapore.. which should be called Temasik laaa in dat movie.. aiy.... Sejarah pon tatau! hahaha.....we met a bunch of familiar faces there at One Utama... we met Hafiz's friend, Suzailin and her boyfriend, Joe's staff Stanley, my students, Ameer, Gazii, etc, Our ex-schoolmate Faizol Hakim and his girlfriend, Azalea and Abg Shamsol. Hahaha.. macam premiere movie betul lah.. where sooo many superstars came to watch the premiere. Hahahaha :p wekk wekk

Papa shows us his dengusan hidung shisha...

Apis and Joe....

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