Thursday, May 10, 2007


At last, I'm a free man! merdeka!! huhu.... u don't have any idea how I felt yesterday when the invigilator informed us the time is up! but, to tell u da truth.... my Statics paper was damn hard! Haha... adoi!!!!

After the paper, I got Hyd's message, ajak minum2 at Cili Merah. Sheddy is here in Malaysia rite now. She came to Malaysia kejutanly lah kononnye... huhuhu... and today we're planning on watching Sumo lah! hahahaa...... we borak-ed2 yesterday. Myra, Hyd and Leia were also there.....


Myra Model~


Next stop, Kedai kopi! wit my x-students!... owh btw, congratulations to all who got the offer to continue their studies! haha... bestnye nak start blaja balik kan?? ahahahaha... :p

Shaqi yg Happy ke UiTM Shah ALam...

Okey.. Raimi ni kenape

Fifi.. pegi Matrix Melaka.. sob sob

Athirah.... ke Matrix Pahang

After Maghrib, Kak Jia called and invited me and Joe to follow her having dinner at Sri Siantan Kopitiam at section 9. Owh their chicken Chop is not bad laaa... sedap!!!! ngah ngah.....

Si tua Jihah Jibam~

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