Monday, May 28, 2007

Day 002 :) Istanbul Trip

After being stranded in Dubai airport for 9 hours.... we finally took off for Istanbul! yeay!!.... we landed at Attaturk International Airport around 5 pm (Local time..)

First thing after we landed.. we rushed quickly to the Imigration! owh.. u dont wanna be in a long queue in Attaturk's imigration!! DOI.... hahaha... When we came out of the airport.. there's a man holding my dad's name.. "MR ROSHLI SYAM" haha.. lawak lawak... btol ke tu name ayah saye?? haha!...

Owh.. I remembered the same time I was on the same road last year.. from air port.. there was a big explosion at the air port... if u guys still remember laaa.... and I was right in front of the Exploded building yesterday when I had a grinned smile on my face... haha.. thinking of the tragedy.huhu....

We arrived at Inter Hotel Istanbul. Owh.. there are some changes in the hotel. some improvements.. cheywah.. bagus bagus.... Our rooms were on the first floor... room 102 and 103.

The restaurant.. where I met those 2 old men

Around 6pm... mak asked me to go and find some breads and mineral waters. So... I went out... wondering around Istanbul. owh FYI... in Istanbul.... every Sunday, all the shops are closed! even the Grand Bazaar closed on Sunday. Hmm.... susah nie.... but I kept on searching and looking for a grocery which is open on Sunday. Luckily there were 2 men in front of this Restaurant who were smoking. I asked them "ne rede dakkal??" haha meaning "mane kedai runcit berhampiran?" owh and they pointed me to a direction... I followed and founded one! whee!! thanx org tua!

6 pm.. Istanbul... dull kan??

Last night... after some chit chatting session wit some friends in Malaysia... I went to sleep.... wuuuuu it feels good u know... to sleep on a real bed setelah lame tak ido atas katil! hahaha.. :p

Monday.. 28th May 2007

My day started wit a chatting session wit Hani and Ain (antare org2 yg bangun awal kat Malaysia.... waktu2 cuti camni kan... haha... dapat gak lepaskan rindu.)

Hey... kak long!!! hahah Afiq memang rempit

Sampai skarang.. I don't know the name of that Mosque!

One of the main gates to the Grand Bazaar (Kapalicarsi)

Road of shopping outside the Grand Bazaar~

Knives shop!!! I Lyke!!!

Okay... first outing ever! wit my family today! haha.. we went straight to Grand Bazaar! but we didn't actually walk inside the Grand Bazaar, just the shops outside of Grand Bazaar..... hurmm.... as usual.... I didn't buy anything.... haha... my brothers, my mum all got themselves a pair of jeans. hehe...

Uncle Wahab.... Mr Jeans Seller

Mak found her new express-daughter

A rempit is marching inside the Grand Bazaar

This uncle aa.. he's staring the things for about 5 minutes kot.. before he leaves

Grand Bazaar

Haha.. hey.. he likes taking picture wit mama!!

Another gate!

After getting tired of walking on the street, abah decided to go into the Grand Bazaar.... so.. we entered the Bazaar... walking2.. finding the Uncle Serif's shop.. hehe and we met him finally!! weee... he treated us for Cay (Tea).. and as usual.. I took a cup of Elma Cay (Apple Tea).. haha sedap! rindu plak Elma Cay nieh!

The Tea Shop

That's one uncle Serif

After having our tea.... we went to see our old friend also.. uncle Wahab... he's a jeans seller! for the past 3 years we've been buying jeans from him.. He gives us good price! hahaha

A rempit guy and a hip hop guy.. eventhough they have different kind of way style.. still... eat on a plate using fork and spoon! haha

Hafif ni gemok laa rupenye

Bon Apetite!

Order pLSSS

Among the faces yg kena penangan tawar menawar mak today!!! :

Mr Underwear

Mr Blouse

Mr jeans Jr.

Mr Torch Light

Mr Knives

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