Tuesday, May 15, 2007

'Oliday~ 'Opless


Hye all.... and now.. I've lost some of my blog's loyal readers.... they have all gone to Matrix... and I really hope there are computer labs so dat they can continue reading my blog there.. :p and if they're reading this... good luck in ur studies!!! :p hehehehe

Im feeling really happy now.. Haha... I got my Lap top's new look!!! hehey.. it looks like a Macintosh! thanx curry! really appreciate that. Talking about curry.... owh... this man... he has sooo many things related to weapons in his house!!! hahaha.... I managed to pose with his AK-47... owh it looks real!!! kah kah

To all S8FC.. we're going to have a friendly match this Saturday... against our ex-team mate Ihsan's company department... Okay Ihsan said that this match is gonna be tough since he said that his team is quite good team! so.. we'll see aa gang? Hahahaha takut gak.. actually I'm not 100% fit.. Dunno yet wether I can play or not this Saturday.

Owh holiday seems to be interesting! Haha.. I just finished reading CROSS.. owh men.. that book is soooo great! And I'm gonna start reading Order Of The Phoenix next. hehe... cit! I'm also playing Rogue Galaxy... wah! suke suke!! :p

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HaFiDz ByLz @ Ude @ ToBey said...

ur weblog address please. i'll include it in mine. tq