Friday, May 18, 2007


Hoho... lamenye tak update.. sorry lah ye rakan2... :p been busy aa lately nieh.... macam macam benda nak kene buat..... so far... cuti ni... I've met some of my long lost friends.... 2 days ago.. I met Munzir and Ajip at Secret Recipe Section 9. Hehe..... both of them were my best buddies back in our secondary school period. Owh... 2-2 dah berisi!! I'm the one who keep maintaining the skinny looking one. Haha



The next day, went to KLCC and Berjaya Times Square wit Apis and Kari... Kari drove me there.. We met Apis at KLCC after he completed his online test at KDU. Apis bought a brand new SONY Vaio for his father. Owh so sweet.... bought a new laptop for his father's birthday! hehehe... :p Kari is such a genius person when it comes to I.T world... he knows almost everything about Laptop, PC, bla2.... haha

Kari and Apis.... at Sony Wings KLCC

Kari introduced me to this one Japanese song.. really sedap.. I forgot the title... (actually... tak tau nak eja dan sebut)... hehehe... we listened to the same song all the way from Shah Alam to KL and back to Shah Alam.. Gilo aa?? hahahhaa... :p

Osim.... aaa sedap!

The next day, went to SACC... mak wanted to buy a camera for Izzat (cet! jeles! hish!).... owh... I tried the Osim massage chair!! I Lyke!! teringat scene dalam cite Sumolah! huhuhuhu :p

Hey... I've entered the smart tunnel!! Huhuhu kagum!

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