Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Telinga Berok!!!

 Banyaknye kami makan

APis did a very nice joke yesterday..he was asking us about a plant that has the word "Berok" in it... so... we tried to help him to find the anwswer.... and suddenly I said Telinga Berok!!! wrong asnwer he said!!! and suddenly, our superb genius.. Papa answered the correct word "wei... periuk kera lah!!.. mane ade Berok!!" hahaha... and then I laughed like hell!!

As usual... Ahli Sufi memberi tazkirah malam nye

Wooooooh woooooooh

Huhu... okey .. sumthing stupid happened this morning.... I thought that today's paper ECW431 was at 2 pm. So.. I ignored chapter 6,7 and 8 last night while I was studying... thinking on studying them this morning... after Solat Subuh... when I was beginning to go back to sleep... I just picked y hp and saje saje kacau Che Nab... "che Nab... ari ni paper Hydro pkol 2 ptg kan?" then she replied "Eh.. taklah! hari ni pagi pukul 9!!" hehe.... "HAHAHAHA.. lawak che nab lawak!! " she didn't reply anything... so... I asked Syaqira.... she said 9 oclock in the morning also! I quickly rushed onto my chair and study!! hahaha.. sempat!! :p

So pengajaran sini... jangan belajar last minute!! dangerous!! okeh!!??? ehehehehe

Kerol is coming home this thursday.. hahaha..... honeymoon!!

Owh yesterday evening, Naddy invited us over to her mother's cafe at section 6 for free eating session!! hoho.. ape lagi... I quickly ajak Papa, Ali and Joe!! Owh... nasi lemak die sungguh sedap!!!! hahaha

Naddy yg control ayu~

There were some kuih that I haven't known before.. like this one kuih called "Serabai". Before this, the word "serabai" that I knew only got something to do wit Hair.... I dunno today people know Serabai as some kind of kuih. Hehhee...

Ape yg kau intai ni ALI!!!!???? siot!!

Papa konon2 Japanese yg cool aa?? chit podah!

Owh Naddy made me a really nice Cappucino Ice Blended!! huhhu... sedap... owh.... I met Naddy's lil sis.... Najwa.. hahahaha the funny thing about our meeting is dat... she's in the same class wit Siti... Kah kah kah.... lalu.. AB pon tersipu sipu bile kena ejek... Ngah ngah ngah... :p

From Naddy's shop, we went to Shah Alam Mall... just jalan2... and we bought some cassetes!! Papa bought a Hoobastank Cassete... I forgot what Ali bought and I took M Nasir Sang Pencinta and another cassete I won't tell u guys...

Owh.. the day before yesterday.. we went to watch Wild Hogs! Finally!!! hahahaa.. okey kawan2... cite tu sangatlah kelakar okeh!!!! jangan lupe tgk!!! u'll laugh crazily!! trust me!! hahahaha

haha.... AB, Joe, Padi, Papa

Adoi cantiknye Marissa Tomei

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