Thursday, May 10, 2007


Dalam dilema... nak beli ke tak kasut? ahaha

First of all... I've finished my new song... haha title die "ADORE" .... :p but.. the quality isn't perfect yet... since I recorded it in a hurry... ----> ADORE (click here)

Sumolah today.... owh... the movie was sooooooooo funny! full wit aksi2 lawak tak masuk akal... I Lyke!!!!.... 4 couples all together today... kah kah kah....owh... sitting next to Maria who sangat suke tgk laki2 sumo!! hahaha :p

After watching "Sumolah", me and Kari went to A&W.... had my lunch at last.. (hoho.. lunch at 6 pm!!!).... then we had a short conversation about war, Nazi, Hitler, Mussolini, etc.. u know laa.. whenever u hang out wit Kari.. there will be no other interesting topics to discuss about!.. haha


Met Ameer, Azim, and some of heir friends while I was eating at A&W.... Ameer told me he got offer from UM.... Azim will start his Pilot session with MAS.... owh.. soooo nice to see my x-students are gonna continue their studies! hahaha :p

After that, while Kari went for his smoking session outside of O.U, I went to see Shedi, Hyd and Myra at NOSE.

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