Sunday, May 13, 2007

Up Up and Away!!!!!!!!!

First of all... happy mothers day to all mothers out there!! hehehe... :) and dont forget... Teachers Day is also around the corner ey~! hahahaha... :) weee suke!!!

I just got back from Kampung Baru. We had our dinner there. I forgot the name of the restaurant but what I can tell u guys is dat their western foods are tiptop! Huhuhu.. marvelous!!! I like eating there. Before this... tempat tu dah jadi tradisi dulu... bile kawan2 kitorang couple aje... kene blanje kami makan situ! Haha.. I think almost all of my friends had treated us all except for me. Kah kah kah

Owh... to everybody who's gonna go for Matrix.. good luck ey~! And to Niksu and Hannah, wait for da song tomorrow night k!? promise! haha....

Okey actually my holiday started today! It really feels like holiday when u hav all ur friends together wit u.. having holiday also!

We had fuu during our dinner tonight. Ali's and Tengku's jokes really brighten our night! hahahaha.... there was also a seniman jalanan performed at the restaurant. Haha.. he has quite a nice voice laa... :p..... Owh to all SMKS9 students, good luck in ur mid year examinatin okey!??

Owh... I finally got "HER" e-mail address! Bravo AB! Bravo!!! thanx to all the people who involved in helping me. HAHA..... thanx also for all ur compliments about my songs. :p wekk poyo lah plak... HAHA

Mira... slamat sembuh dari sakit gigi ey~!?? :p HAHAHA

From Kampung Baru, we stopped by at Azri's apartment. Owh.. his apartment is situated next to Najib Tun Razak's house! Gilelah.. HAHHAA... memang tempat orang orang kaye nieh. Huhuhuhu :p.... banyak nye kereta2 mahal dalam tempat parking die... Hehehe.. :p bagus betul

On our way to Azri's apartment

I'm about to finish James Patterson's CROSS... and after that, I'll start reading J.K Rowling Harry Potter Order Of The Phoenix! Wehhhhhhh tak sbar!!! HAHAHAHAHA

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