Saturday, April 07, 2007


The Four Musketeers

Okay…. Have I been doing for da past 2 days aaa?? Huhuhu.. Owh FYI, I just got back from watching Jangan Pandang Belakang while I was typing this post. I will tell u guys about our experience watching Jangan Pandang Belakang (JPB) later keh?... ehhehe

Dina called me this morning and wanted me to follow her going to Plaza Low Yatt. Oh.. lame tak jumpe Dina nie. Rindu sket laaa…. We went there and managed to get back home before Our Friday Prayer! Haha…. Dina is a superb driver laa~….. All the way from Shah Alam to KL and back to Shah Alam, we were just chit chatting about the current gossips! Ahahahaha….

Papa... wit the tickets!

After Friday Player, I had my BEL420 presentation to attend. But, I didn’t present today bcoz our group was voted the 2nd last group to present! Hurm…. So, our turn will be on next Tuesday….. kesian kami. Haha penat je datang!

Amin is presenting.... make sure u pay full concentration!

Straight from UiTM, Heidi invited me to join them minum2 at Kedai Kopi baru together wit Mary and Myra. Haha.. Myra pon lame tak jumpe! Hihihihi….. okey… FYI, Myra ni memang sangat lucu!!! She told us some really funny stories aaaa…. About the Bulu Idung, Taik Idung, etc. haha…. We laughed, laughed and laughed! Aakakakaka….

Owh.. Mary.... u are soooooo pelix~

Heidi and Myra~

Then,, it’s JPB time!!! To tell u guys da truth, I didn’t want to watch the movie in the first place. But Joe forced me to join! So…. Tepakselah Join…. Thank god I’ve booked the ticket earlier…. Things will get a bit problematic if I didn’t…. since I might have to que in a very looooooooooooooooooooong line to buy the tickets!

Intro of the movie

Ruminah Sidek as Opah.... and what a really funny+mystic grandma has she becomes in the movie!!!

(What happened in the cinema….) The movie starts…… as usual…. The intro of a horror movie is usually full wit surprises and suspense moments! The movie starts wit a scene of an Imam trying to force the “Jin” to get out from a man’s body! Hurm… quite real aaaa da Imam’s acting… STYLO!

Keluar~ KELUAR~ (SAID THE iMAM...)

Darma (Pierre Andre) and Seri (Intan Ladyana)trying to find sumthing from the camera... owh... U all will be surprised~ ahaha

Okay.. the movie can be considered as one of the best Malaysia’s horror movie laa… but the fact that there was a bunch of funny people sitting right behind us made the movie less horror since they were full wit stupid and funny-tah-pape-jokes. Hahaha…. I actually laughed when they did some of their funny jokes! But beware.. the real joke is yet to come… ahahahaha

Okay... this part... Papa dah terlompat-lompat and jerit jerit like a mon-kees...

When the movie is starting to reach its climax, the real clown… PAPA…. Starts showing his BELANG… so many cursed words were thrown out of his mouth especially when there were some suspend and horrifying moment! Hahaha….. Joe sat next to a funny-couple…… haha…

What Joe said :
“….pelik aku… couple seblah aku tu… bile adegan terkejut sikit, awek die terkejut.. bile yg terkejut gile, balak die je plak g terkejut.. ahahaha”

So.. as a conclusion, I’d like to take this opportunity to recommend to all of you to go and watch Jangan Pandang Belakang.. coz, it’s worth it. Hehehehe… pegi tau~! Jangan tak pegI!!!

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