Wednesday, April 25, 2007

March April May Hun Hulai

What happened yesterday? ho ho ho... soo many many things happened... plus sume funny things also.... that morning, Me and Papa went for a visit to SMKS9... just to greet our x-teachers, wanted to mintak berkat aaa... since we're in our final examination week.

As usual... whenever I meet the teachers, I'll get complaints or reports aboout my brother's attitude at school. Starting from Puan Kashnani, Ustazah Rohaida, Puan Zalma, Puan Norasila, Puan Lee etc. All reported the same thing! adoi..

So what I did, later dat day, when we got home, I told my mother and my father.... and as usual, whenever my parent gets angry wit whichever brother of mine, I'll get the beating and scolding also! whatod whatodo~ hu hu hu...

Huhuhu... the funny part is yet to come.. jeng jeng jeng, at 2 p.m my brother tu balik from school.. as usual, wit his rempit style... he got into the house... and my mother had waited him at the door... and the exciteent began!!!!combining force of my parent scold that little poor afiq. Hahaha

Okay... I was reading upstairs when my dad called me to bring my brother to cut his hair... I went downstairs... when he (my brother) saw me preparing to send him to the mamak shop, he was like memberontak!!! he punch the door, the table.... and pusing2 mundar mandir inside the room and said "Ish... ni yg nak bunuh diri nieh!!!!"

Hahaha.... what a boy! what is he learning at school?? who are his friends!!? maybe he watches a lot love stories which ends wit the hero or heroin commited suicide whenever they are experiencing high-stress-pressure. Huhuhu....

But.. that act of BUNUH DIRI never happens... and my dad just laughed while saying "Hahaha... ape fiq? kau nak bunuh diri??" hahaha... LOL!

Majlis ilmu was according to plan but with a more smaller crowd. It was raining heavily yesterday that might caused the problem to happen. What I learn from the Majlis yesterday~??

Penantian... dalam Islam tu menambahkan pahala kita.....

So... it really helps me motivate myself... and solve some of my problems that I'm facing laely... about almost everything! usually about friends, studies, confidence and bla bla.

A friend of mine told me yesterday about a problem she is facing lately. She feels like hating this one friend of her. She is being an utter hipocrit!!!!! like a 2-face-talam! like when she's in front of this person A, she's like an angel but when she's wit the person B, she's like a devil lak...... she's like exchanging stories about person A when she's borak2 wit person B and bla bla...

HAhaha.... but, the funny part of this kind of friend is.... they lie!!!! owh.. I dunno how can they manage to lie their best friend? My friend told me dat.. it's obvious... whenever she talks to her... she can notice either she is lying or not... since they have been friends for years!! so.. die dah masak!

What did I tell her.... I told her to be patience... wait for the right time... just layan aje lah die tu.... one day she'll realise what a mistake she had done! hehe... cheywah...

Okay.. next!! to all S8FC who has not pay for the new jersey yet!! please do so..... selewat2 b4 KErol's kawin day 28th April!

Look at Joe! I'm sure he's talking to a bapuk coz he turns into a very soft-talker!

Last night, as usual we had our drinking session at Cili Merah.... Izzat, Ihsan, Papa were all present! and we talked about football!! and Ihsan looked sooo stress wit his work laaa.. kesian die.... hehehe.... What happened last nite aa.... I didn't wait for Siti Farah to pass by Cili Merah!! hahaha.... konon2 jual mahal aaa... :p weekkkk...... Hapy nye idop!! I'm still searching for her friendster or myspace ni... susah!!! adoih!!!

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