Wednesday, April 04, 2007


another Joe's joke yesterday~

Apis was playing PS2 while Joe was sleeping.....
Suddenly Apis heard Joe's voice saying "Pause lah dulu."
Fine.. Apis paused his game thinking Joe would like to join him playing.
Then.. after a while, Apis turned to Joe and found out that Joe was still sleeping.
Hahaha... Apis laughed and suddenly Joe said "Kau kirelah ade berape banyak ikan bilis tu.." Hahahaha..... while he was sleeping!!!! mengigau je kerja die nie

Apis treated us lunch at Pizza Hut.. hohhoo.... I Lyke~!!! and after that, I bought another new jacket! aiyo... and my mum was like.. "very2 angry... ahahaha"

After class yesterday, I have to attend a meeting wit our dean, deputy dean, etc. So... I just joined them. Hohoho..... all were there including Puan Junaidah, Dr Azmi, Encik Nasir. Hahaha... takut plak.... :p

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