Sunday, April 08, 2007


Papa Jahat~

I didn't have the time to update my blog the past 2 days since I was busy studying... Owh, next week will be darkest week of the year so far... I got 5 tests!!!! mak ai! ... starting today.... (monday).. hurm.. wish me luck okeh!!?? kah kah kah...

Hehey.. Banyaknye makan!

Nazmi (Marketing) and Che Nab (Secretary)

Owh last saturday (7.4) we had a lunch gathering with the AJK's of EC110 Final Year Graduation Dinner last year. Genap setahun dari tarikh Dinner tu!!! 7.4.2006. Eventhough it was just a small gathering, it really brings a lot of memories while working wit them last year. Hehe... Love working wit u guys! Morezal can't join us since he got a Kenduri wit his family on dat same day.

Che Nab and Ad

Treasurer (Efa) and Joe

I injured my leg again.. hahaha..... I went to play futsal wit Kerol and the gang! huhuhuhu... Owh and Azalea told me Chermin is scarier than Jangan Pandang Belakang.. nga ngan ga... Joe dah sibuk nak ajak tengok dah nieh. Hurm...

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