Saturday, April 21, 2007

Le numéro vingt-trois (The Number 23)

Okay .. I started studying last night.. FINALLY!! eventhough just a few pages read, hmm.. not bad ey? for a start? Hahaha... It's like dis... I'm the kind of person who don't like those reading subjects! I like reading, but, don't like the exam which involves READING subjects! hurmm.... nasib badan~

Hehey. we are promoting the movie!

Went to watch Joel Schumacher's The Number 23 yesterday. Well, what can I say about the movie.. Actually the plot, the story is quite good and kind of creative, but I dunno what is missing in the film. It just that there's a lack of sumthing sumwhere. Haha... Papa also said that. Cheywah Papa macam bagus aje. Maybe because there are so many numbers inside the movie kot. But I like the way of the mistery part goes on in the movie. And the style of Robin's (Jim Carrey's son) haircut too.. HAHA!

It's funny when there are 4 people posing together for a particular picture and in the fnal picture, only one appears on it

And it's normal when all the people who pose for da picture... appear on the final picture! haha

It's a some kind of Psychological thriller movie laaaa... where it needs a lot of thinking and some mathematic jobs. Everywhere in the movie u'll end up adding sumthing wit sumthing. And all of it (maybe majorities of it) will sum up to 23! Huhu... power aa?? :p stylo....

I found other articles on The Number 23 yesterday. Some interesting facts about the movie which have sumthing to do wit the number 23. Maybe coincidence kot. Huhuhu...
  1. This is the 23rd project Joel Schumacher has directed.
  2. The last time Jim Carrey and Joel Schumacher worked together was in "Batman Forever." In that film, Carrey's character (the Riddler) also showed an obsession for numbers, which he used to represent letters of the alphabet in his riddles. The numbers were 1, 8, and 5. Batman figured out that 1 and 8 were meant to be 18. 18 + 5 = 23. The number 23 is a W, and in "Batman Forever" there is a scene of Carrey underneath a W (the gate outside Wayne Manor).
  3. The address of the bookstore is 599. 5+9+9=23.
  4. Walther's room at the asylum was 318. 31-8=23.
  5. The number of letters in "Animal Control Department"
  6. The apartment number across from the suicide blonde's apartment (959)
  7. The dog in the movie is named NED. N is the 14th letter of the alphabet; E is the fifth; and D is the fourth. 14 + 5 + 4 = 23.
  8. The numbers on Walters's car add up to 23 (906 8HT)
  9. The numbers on Issac's car contain 2 and 3
  10. The store front numbers that Fingerling is standing in front of while watching Fabrizia & Phoenix add to 23 (12, and 110).
  11. The film was released in the US on Febuary 23, 2007.
  12. The number of Walter Sparrow's footlocker 87305 = 23 (8+7+3+5)
  13. The PO Box that Carrey and his family mail the boxes to is "P.O.Box 977". 9+7+7 =23

We like to tidur... don't disturb or u'll regret it! the botak union

Later that night, after resting and sleeping (Owh Joe and Papa are quite a sleeper laa... asik tido aje...) we went to have a drink. Cili Merah is closed on the 2nd and 4th Friday eac month! Danm it!! hahaha.. so, we had our minum2 at Darul Ehsan 9. Where we met Athirah and Raimi. Owh... really missed them! they asked me about taking the matriculation program or wait for the UPU results and so on.

Me Raimi.. owh.. Raimi skrang dah maju aaa... tak khabaq pon~ sampai hati.. :p

I find it weird ... the fact that how a cute girl like this.. can turn into a...

scary little gurl like this one.. HAHA

Athirah fetched me home. Hahaha.. she can actually DRIVE laaa~ kui kuikui.... Owh.. really miss teaching them! :)

I've been reading CROSS by James Patterson for da past few days. Haha... I like the book! it's about investigation on a crime case, haha... I enjoy reading Big Book wit Big Fonts! haha.....

"Aku tadi masa jalan daripada masjid tu.. aku ternampak kereta Evo 7 tu kan... dalam hati aku dah nak tercakap "Mak aih!!! 7-11!!!" hahaa.. nasib baik tak tercakap lagi.. kalau tak sure kena ejek..." ....... Joe

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