Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Junsari Juhaimin

Huhu.. ngan JIa.... owh minggu ni stakat ni hari2 minum sini... HAHA

Okay first thing first.... two tests had been settled! Dynamic and Geology... that 4 more tests to go!! yippie!!! All presentations had been done!! yuuhu!!! Owh.. Congrats to Chelsea and Manchester United! hehhee

Faiz Fahmi and Fahmi.. lawak kan gambar ni kawan2? :p

Roy.. always the Badut in the Class

Yesterday, Iji was at my house and we were watching Pirates of The Caribbean : Dead Man's Chest and... I can't deny how I really like the movie!! and can't really wait to see the third instalment of the movie this May!!! anybody who might know how to get tickets for the premier show, please tell me~ please please~ Ahahahahaa

Besides Pirates, I was surfing yesterday when I saw an article on Ocean's Thirteen!! aiyyoo.... I really like Danny Ocean (George Clooney)... huhuhu..... I like Ocean's Eleven, but not Ocean's Twelve which for me, it's a bit slow and boring movie. And I really hope the third one is gonna be interesting. Hey.. the old boys are back!!! George Clooney (Danny Ocean),Brad Pitt(Rusty Ryan),Matt Damon(Linus Caldwell),Bernie Mac(Frank Catton),Don Cheadle(Basher Tarr), and so on~. All the "Eleven" are here but No Julia Roberts (Twelve).. hihi... Terry Benedict is there.. alongside AL PACINO!!!! Woohu!!! sangat menariK!

Rusty, Danny and Linus..

Haha... ape dorang buat nieh

Fullamak.... lawak seh dorang nie

Owh my god.. I dunno why I feel sooo scared rite now... to face my final exam!! nge nge

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