Saturday, April 14, 2007


Last Day Of Class

Watched Shooter at last! owh the movie is quite okay aaa..... interesting... but some scenes of ketidaklogikan. Hahaha....

Huhu.. Kate Mara

At last.... 4 tests had been comleted!! 3 more tests to go.. Aiyarkkk mara AB mara!! study!! studY!!! hurmm..... Thank god for MAT455 and ECW431's test dat day, my last minute preparation were sooo useful! hahahahhaha yes yes!! really hope I didn't do any silly or careles mistakes!

Dat Friday was our last class for ECB4G part 4 2007's batch! hehehe.... soooo sedih... time travels really fast... I remember how my first day of my degree program 4 months ago.. Aaaaa.... when I first came into the class, so many new faces! hahaa... which I thought I might not be their friend laa earlier.. Haaha... but finally .... it turns out that, they are friendly! huhuhu

Happy Birthday Little SofiA~

Just now, I attended a wedding at Dewan Belia section 7, follow by hanging out wit Jia (again...) before going to Uncle Fauzilan's house, celebrating his daughter's first birthday! hahaha.. I had fun laa today.. seeing all those small kids! soooo suke!

Sofia Besar~

Owh met Raimi, Ilah and Atirah at Shah ALam Mall... They were at Baskin Robins, eating sushi when I joined them there. Haha... Atirah thought that Jia is my Girlfriend~ kah kah kah... and she said that I was lying when I told her dat she's my cousin~.. hurmm.. "kalau bukan gf.. mane bleh pegang belakang!" HAHA lawaklah atirah....

Ilah ilah~

Owh I watched 79th Annual Academy Awards (OSCAR) yesterday, and really like dat song from the movie Departed! Composed by Howard Shore entitle The Departed Tango! hurmm.... reallyx55 like dat song laaa... try lah cari kawan kawan! pasti tak menyesal! uhuhuhhu

Then, about my Final Examination's time table! adoi..... 29th and 30th I have killer papers!!! Berturut-turut!! without gap!! aiyark... dah a 28th tu Wedding Kerol! Owh.. btw FYI, Kerol sudah selamat Bernikah ngan bakal isterinya tadi.. hehe alhamdulillah.. Tahniah~

Kerol treated us Satay Kajang at Dengkil the day we sent him to LCCT

Last day eating wit Kerol as a BUJANG~

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