Monday, April 02, 2007

Jin Jin Kamijin

First of all, I would like to recommend u guys to hear Pan’s Labyrinth Original Soundtrack! After watching the movie last week, I guickly browsed for the album and found it finally! I admit that the music are soooooo nice. It combines both haunting and epic sounds that match perfectly with the dark feel of the movie! Original score by Javier Navarrete, a Spanish-born composer. His music really reminds me of Howard Shore, composer of The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, really like heir music a lot! Ahahaha….

I know Chakra would definitely like the music! Huhuhuhu….

1. Long, Long Time Ago
2. The Labyrinth

3. Rose, Dragon
4. The Fairy and the Labyrinth
5. Three Trials
6. The Moribund Tree and the Toad
7. Guerrilleros
8. A Book of Blood
9. Mercedes Lullaby
10. The Refuge
11. Not Human
12. The River
13. A Tale
14. Deep Forest
15. Vals of the Mandrake
16. The Funeral
17. Mercedes
18. Pan and the Full Moon
19. Ofelia
20. A Princess

The highlighted one is my favorite! Ahahahhaa

Owh to day at class, everybody blamed me for not coming to Encik Rasul’s class earlier in the morning. Hurmm… well, to tell u guys da truth, I have my own reason for not coming to class today Okay!!  hehehehe…. But I managed to attend Puan Nurbaya’s Geology class!

At last, we take picture together! ahahahaha

We managed to hang out wit Kerol today… we had our lunch together, we shared stories, about yesterday’s match, about he is gonna retire from playing wit us again. Coz he’s going to marry kan?? Ehehe.. so.. commitment to his wife lah kot. We saw Ashraf Sinclair eating at Cili Merah also. Hahahaha.. honestly I didn’t know him until they told me. Hahaha.. lawak kan?

Owh.. joke of the day... Joe is going to photostat his Mykad :

Joe : Kak photostat 2 copy
Akak Photostat (AP) : Okey jap..
(cet cet mesin berjalan)
AP : Nah.. amiklah
(Joe bayar)
AP : Oh.. terima kasih
Joe : Terima Kasih... datang lagi eh?
(Joe buat muka bersalah lalu keluar..) hahahahahaha Joe kan kerja 7-11?? mesti dah terbiase.. ahahha


chakry said...

wokeh boss! thanks for the review! nanti nak download ye!

aB said...

haha.. dah agak dah kau mesti akan suke! ahaha try aje download