Thursday, April 26, 2007


Second paper today... BEL420.. report writing.... I picked up Kimie, Dian and Yeong at Melati before bringing them to Dewan Sri Budiman.... gosh.. I miss this place... the last time I came here was during my Convocation back in september I think.... the place is soooooooo much different from what I remember laaa..... sooo many new decorations..... I lyke!

Three's stooges!

The rain was starting to fall down when we reached Dewan Sri Budiman. I sat next to Dian, in front of Amin, behind Wan Linda and to the right.... Farah or Bidak.... hahaha....we were given 2 hours to answer the exam paper... but there were some genius who managed to finish the paper within 1 and a half hour.. power power...~

Yeong, Faizol, AB, Bob, Kimie

Nabilah, Dian, AB, Ana

The paper finished at 415 pm.... and since it was raining heavily... we've decided to hang out at the Cafeteria.... Okay.. the cafeteria also has changed its appearance okey! smart!!! I remember the first time I came into the Cafeteria... sitting there wit Hazwan... chit chatting.. before he met with an accident during our first semester at UiTM.... aaaaa best best!

Faizol and Bob were busy dicussing about the champions league! hurmm.. another boring topic to be discussed in the middle of the final exam period.. I just layan ajelah dorang.... kang kate emo plak sebab Arsenal dah terkeluar kan? ahahhaa

After sending Kimie, Yeong and Dian back to their hostel, I went back home and Mak wanted to go to Bukit Raja... so... we went there straight after I finished my Asar prayer.Owh my god.. there was an accident on our way to Bukit Raja.... and the traffic was sooooooooooooo siot! .... arghh... I hate queueing on the highway!

Accident..... yg paling kiri tu yg eksiden.. kesian die...

In Bukit Raja.... we jalan2 before I bought sumthing.... I bought a Concert CD Ahmad Nawab's performance live.... and a Japanese Drama.... entitled With Love which I've been searching for it for quite a looooong time laa... finally!!! I own the CD lah beb!!! hu hu hu hu

With Love is a Japanese Love Story... starring Takenouchi Yutaka and Tanaka Misato.... what is so interesting about this movie is dat... it involves music throughout the story! A piano song... soooo romantic aa the song.... the story also... pigi lah tengok kawan kawan... sornok tau!!! ahahhaa... try searching for the son.. Once In  A Blue Moon

Later that day... during night time.. after lepak lepak at Cili Merah... (where I started to hate siti farah.. hahaha) hahaha.. we visited Joe again at 7-11 Projet.... okey... I hate the women who worked at the counter just now.. Macam bagus...!!!! hahahaha :p sorry Joe.... terkutuk anak buah kau~...

Apis and the drinks~

There was this one part when a lady came into 7-11 and asked Joe how to use the Mesin Air tu.. wah bukan main lagi Joe nak ngorat die!! cheywah!

Huhuhu... kemain Joe....

Izzat ni sibuk aje nak enter frame...

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