Sunday, April 29, 2007

Kerol's Big Day~ -part 1 : The preparation and Rehearsal-

Huhu.. Part 1 Part 1

Yesterday morning, at 8 o'clock "sharp", Kerol picked me up. We had our breakfast at Cili Merah. Owh men.. I really like Cili Merah's nasi lemak! That was my second time eating nasi lemak at Cili Merah and I know!! there are gonna be no.3,4,5,6 and so on~... sooo sedap.!!!! I think I prefer Cili Merah's more than Gembira's.. hahaha... promoting plak...

Kerol staring at da Magical Pelamin~

We reached Blue Wave around 9 oclock.... first we set up Bug's laptop.. since we are gonna use a lot from his laptop later that night.... it's like Kerol's Big Night is all depending on Bug's Laptop. In the beginning... we found that the sound system from his laptop wasn't sounding nicely.... I dunno what was the technician doing wit us yesterday... I think I helped Bug more than they did. Maybe he's not a technician after all... haha...

Bug wit his Laptop.. preparing something...

The ballroom was sooooo beautifully decorated! sooo nice!! gilelah..!! Kerol was like.. mundar mandir aje.. cant keep quiet.... takleh relax.. sooo tense he was!! owh my... I'm sounding like Yoda plak dah skarang nie.... nasib baik abh MC tu.... Hasni kot his name made him comfort laaa... Hahahaha....

Kerol... eventhough in his tension mood.. he POSE!!!

Okay.... the pengapit perempuan tured out to be Kerol's wife's lil sister.. Mimi is her name.... owh.... soooo shy shy punye girl laa....Papa turned out to "USHA" her lah later dat night. she arrived at Blue Wave around 1030 a.m. I'd been told by Kerol that Mimi had just arrived straight from Indai that morning. She is studying in Bangalore... doing medical. Oh Oh Oh a doctor she will be~ hahaha....

Orang2 kuat di belakang majlis Kerol.. Kak Ati (Event Manager), Abg Husni (MC), Kerol (Raja Sehari), Apis (Friend Speech), Bug (Presentation)

That I was being introduced to Nura Nadia , Kerol's wife's best friend.... Oh btw, Kerol's wife's name is Hernani k~ We call her Nani. She (Nura Nadia) looked a bit stressed out preparing her Friends Speech for da Majlis. Owh... I hate to mention this but I must! She thought that I'm older than her, Kerol and Nani.!!! Arghhh!!!!!! she said that I look matured~ cheywah.. maybe dat morning I was still with my beautiful beard a longside that long-haired-look of mine. HAHA

Kerol.... beramah mesra ngan one of the usherettes.. Bob

Okay.... about 1.30 pm.. we completed the rehearsal and all... Oh... the rehearsal... sooo lawak!!! Kerol ni jalan cam pingguin! takut kot!!! abis kene marah ngan Nani.. "Awak ni laju sangat!!!!" hahaha.... Kerol Kerol.... So nervous u are!! huhuu

Apis yg Kesunyian

Okay at this level.... I felt like an outcast aaaa.... just imagine... when u're alongside people who u doen't know!! and that's not it.... when we look at some of them.... they just give u dat one look like "Eish.. sape budak nie? eiii.... ape die buat kat sini... menyampah~" huhuhu... maybe dat's not what they think... but... rase ajelah.... Okey.. there were about 20-30 people who are Kerol's uncles, aunties, relatives, etc in the Grand Ball Room yesterday.. All who were involved in the rehearsal. Apis, Bug and me just sat on one of the table waiting for our rehearsal part.

Arrangement of tables and chairs... wah wah wah Meriah!

At 1.30 we went to Cili Merah.... we planned on having our lunch there.. but... somebody was inside Cili Merah that made Kerol changed our eating spot to Darul Ehsan section 9. So.. lunch as usual... before sending Kerol back to Blue Wave... we headed back to my house, resting.... owh.. as usual.. if Joe is around my house.. it's hard to sleep... coz we would play winning eleven together! Thank god Bug was there to temankan Joe. So I slept.... storing some energy for tonite's big event!!!

Sultan AB While at Shah Alam Mall.... picking up kipas

End of part 1...... -To Be Continued-

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