Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Bab Bahma Yakinchak

Behehehe.... sum one told me that he loks like me.. AHAHA

Owh... it has been 3 days without posting I think.... It's not dat I don't want to.. but.. I was busy preparing for 3 tests in a row starting from sunda, monday and today (tuesday)... Some miracles happened along those 3 days without posting...

First of all... I got my new piano! Aahahaha... mak bought it secare surprisingly!!! haha sayangnye~ I can record my musics also~ ngan ga nga.... suke suke!!!

Look at him... he is assembling my new piano

On the same day I got the piano, we went to Uda Lah's house celebrating Uncle Lan's birthday... Owh.. Awateef has grown into a much bigger baby!!!!! And so do Khalifah!! huhuh....



The next day, Apis came and we ordered our new Team Jersey! hehey... Adidas beb! yellow in colour Huhuhu.. suke suke!!! But, not all of our team members will get the jersey... the distribution is based on the player's commitment to the team.. So.... there are only 15 lucky players!! hehehe~

Joe wit our soon to be Team Jersey~

For da past 4 days, I've been going to Shah Alam Mall... visiting the Yamaha Promotion~ hehehe..... really want that grand piano laa... please some one.. get me one!!!! And for da past 4 days also, I was being treated Baskin Robins' Ice Cream!! Hahahaha... suke suke!!! really suke!

Owh.. I did some sins today.. aiyyo takut takut.... M.E.N.I.R.U... and it wasn't an ordinary Meniru punye... besar besaran seh!! aiyyo... sorry~ HAHA.. jujur lah plak....

Owh... Sangat suke lah dat SITI FARAH.... terjato cinte yg sangat kritikal dah nie... please help me sum body! cheywah.. gile!

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