Saturday, April 28, 2007

Yuyu hakusho!! Wheeeeee

Ustaz Sufi aaa? ahahhaa

I got about 12 hours before the big day tonight... at Kerol's wedding... hohohoho.. takut~

Yesterday we had our minum petang at Secret Recipe section 9. That was all Joe's idea since the day before yesterday, I went there to buy cake for my brother's birthday. I told him, there was this one girl working there that looks really3 like his girlfriend . So we went there yesterday.

Ali bile berborak... kalah PM

Joe yg kesunyian...

Ternyata.. Joe terpaku!!! hahaha... but he kept denying when we asked him "haa cemane Joe? same tak??" huhuh.... he kept denying until one time, "she" dissapeared from the shop. Dunno where did she go... and Joe started being uncomfortable... and lastly he spoke

"Hish.. mane plak die nieh!!!??"

and a few seconds later

"Adoi.... ni yg nak buat aku tetiap hari nak lepak secret recipe plak nieh!"

and minutes later

"Aku rase die semayang kot AB..."

Papa sedap minum... Ali changes his seating place to get a better view of her

Hahaha.. macam macam Joe nie.... around 6.30 we've decided to go to Shah Alam Mall.... jalan jalan.. Atira was not at the Baskin Robins... maybe she went home already, I bought Medal Of Honor Vanguard. At 7.... we went back home... we planned wit Papa and Ali about our plan that night to go to Padi's house... ade makan2....

On our way home, Joe asked me to drive pass by Secret Recipe.. and it really broke his heart to see from distance that girl was working.... and to "sedapkan ati"... Joe told me

"Aku rase... balak die pun muke macam aku lah.. tu yg die takut tu... terus mask dalam bile aku datang tadi..."

Hahaha... Joe Joe.... lawak lawak....

I got about 24 hours sharp before my Geology Examination tomorrow morning... Huhuhu.... takut..... thank god I've prepared about 90% of the subject... but what really scared me to death is.. I got about 48 hours before my Indeterminate Structural Analysis exam paper!! AAAhahahah which I think I've only covered 50% of the subject.. but Insya Allah, I'll try my best.

Hehehe.... last night we had a long conversation together regarding some of our friends who has changed into a different person. Quite a number of friends gak laaaa... how they changed into a better person and some into hmm.... u know laaa kan? the one who turns into a better person... alhamdulillah and congrats to u guys k~! but.... the other categories really caught my interest...

Lately... I've seen many kind of pictures.... either from blogs, friendster, myspace, bla bla... acts of weirdness, acts of kelupaan, acts of stupidness, etc of some of my friends which I think... tak patut lah kan... but what really bothers me is dat.. some of them argued with me when I advised them, and even some of their friends blame me and back them up. Aiyyo aiyyo... the thing is simple.... what is wrong is still wrong.... no matter who u are.... even if u're a President, Minister, Teacher, Adults, bla bla.... do something that's within ur limit kay!?

Dont even try to challenge the Almighty one by doing things which are not right. Dont wait until He shows u His power, then only u want to insaf... so.. better be careful, better wach out key guys.... try to differentiate Halal and Harams k??

"Once a taik.. is always a taik..... nothing can change a taik into a meal or something interesting, until u're stupid enough to imagine a taik is a precious thing okey!? if u can prove me that a taik worths a lot, then only u can do whatever a taik-lover always do ok!!??"

hehe.. sorry k to anybody who might feel offended by my post... Take my sincere apologies k!? sorry.. :) ignore this post f u think u're good enough and better than me k~ I know somebody's reading. hehehe... have a nice day~

Night time.. we hung out at Cili Merah for awhile... didn't have the time to watch Siti Farah since Ali got to fetch her sister from tuition... but the good news is... I got her myspace address... and the bad news is... I can't add her coz I dont have her e-mail address... and the more bad news is.... U can't send her even a single message if she's not ur friend... HAHAHAHA LOL... takda rezeki no..... biarkan~

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