Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sotana Akina~

It was raining heavily this evening....u can see what I mean if u were there on the road wit us from Shah Alam Mall... the road was filled wit water.. all the way from Shah Alam Mall to Darul Ehsan Section 8

Romantiknye posing korang

Hurmm... I hate to play football in a soggy field! hadoi.... Benci! I can't run freely! as a result, all my runs today got blocked by the "LECAK" !! hurmm.. benci! ow.. by the way, we were held 1-1 by the Subang FC team this evening. Goal scored by the number 13 Joe! we are still maintaining our unbeaten record okay! A few memorable quotes from today's match :

"Biasa lah lepas goal.... itu lah yang terjadi bila kau meletakkan seseorang yang bukan posisi itu bermain di posisi itu.... " - FW 08 Ah Peace.

"Adoi... free kick aku sikit aje lagi nak masuk ke dalam goal itu! tetapi goal keeper dia berjaya menepis keluar bola aku..." - CB 77 Izzat

"Adoi... aku pun dah pelik dah... banyak kali korang cakap kereta merah kereta merah! aku pon pelik dah.... pening aku mencari padang... sampai ke terminal 3!!!.. aku ingat dah nak balik aje tadi... " - DMF 07 Ijie

"Benci aku aiR!" - LWG 14 AB

"Ramesh... kau kena main cari flank okeh!!!?" - CB/SS 18 Ihsan

"P----A-!!!!!!! kaki aku!!!" - FW/LWG 32 Ramanan

"Lain kali kalau hujan.. tak payahlah main!!!" - DMF 22 Ramesh

"Aku nak main kasar sikit lah hari ni... aku tgh panas ni ngan member aku! sorry k AB...." - LB 20 Kames

"Nasib baik aku tak langgar tiang gol tu kaki aku.. kalau tak, naya aje..." - RWG 13 Joe

"Siot kau ludah kat aku Izzat!!?" - AMF 09 Kerol

Overall, we're not satisfied wit the field condition and also the attitude of some of the players involved in the match. The not so beautiful match was mared by some uncontrollable acts of arguments, ball throwing, feet kicking and some mouth-cursing-activities by those poyo2 guys!

And the referee had to blow the whistle before the full time coz of a small brawl between the players occured when Ramanan was tackled by the opponent's striker while he was trying to catch the ball.

Study study study... at last I'd completed my first session of studying CTU 553. Maybe tomorrow, I'll start the second round. Hermm... takut lah!!!

3 of our players got injured today including myself. Apis can't control his body balance and fell to the ground while Raman was tackled by the striker. Me.... as usual.... wrong step of kicking~

Night time, after cleaning ourself... we went to watch Arsenal - Tottenham match at Darul Ehsan Section 8. Cis..!! Arsenal draw!!!! ayark!!!

Apis is flirting...

Ade gaye kerja 7-11 kan?? owh the left guy to name die Stan

And later that night, we went to visit Joe at 7-11 Projet TTDI.... owh we spent almost one hour there, observing Joe's work, chit chatting wit da people there... buying some snacks for our midnite footbal match!...

The succesful manager.. two jobs in one time.. he can play football while working at 7-11

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