Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Lulu Jamina~

Hahahaha... siot~

Exam started yesterday. First paper, CTU 553 Ethnic Relations. Our exam held at Kompleks Sukan Delima. Started at 215 until 415. Okay, what can I say about our first paper? hurmm.. it's a multipal choice question, Objective questions with 4 choices of answers. I found it hard to answer those questions correctly since there are 2 possible answers on each questions. Sooo tricky! but thank god I can answer the second part of the paper. The Essay part. ABout Kegemilangan Zaman Kesultanan Melayu Melaka. Hurm... hopefully I 'll pass the paper.

Papa told me that he and bunch of Electrical Engineering Students had to wait nearly one hour before they stated answering the exam paper. There was a technical problem I think, their papers arrived at the hall late.

It has been raining everyday lately. I like it when it rains... Hahaha... but lately, it rains heavily sumtimes. Which might be dangerous. Flood everywhere.. I wonder how would be the condition at TTDI Jaya or other easily-flooded-area. Hope they are controllable there.

Kerol's wedding is gonna be this saturday. Ouwh... can't wait to see one of my bestest friends' special day!!! hahaha.... he has started being busy man lately... huhu.. good luck in your Husband-Wife life okay!!? ehehehe :)

About 22 years ago, Rosli and Sapiah had their wedding ceremony.. Huhuhuh

Okay tomorrow morning ... everybody's waiting for Manchester United - AC Milan European Champions League at Old Trafford. I think Man U is going to win since they Won the best PFA team, and Cristiano Ronaldo won both best player and best young player that might boost up his confidence and spirits!

Okay... new song guys!!! try downloading Andrea Bocelli - Les Feuilles Mortes... aaaa... sooo romantic! there are many versions of this song, but tell u what, I prefer the Andrea Bocelli's one.... it's an old song.. and I bet that whoever listens to this song might wanna fall in love laa.... actually the meaning of the title is something dead... like this song is for those who has been broken hearted kot. Huhu... papehal pon.. enjoy aa this new song.

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